Nor®Absorbit Makes Your Food Nice and Crispy

NORDENIA: Innovative packaging for microwave dishes

Gronau- An innovative, flexible microwave packaging by NORDENIA INTERNATIONAL AG allows greasy, breaded or bread-like foods to be prepared in the microwave so that they are crisp and tasty. The innovative and flexible Nor®Absorbit microwave packaging absorbs both moisture and grease during cooking in the microwave. The food is thus cooked directly in the sales packaging until it is crispy. Preparation is noticeably more convenient, shorter and cleaner than conventional frying in a pan. This innovation by the international film manufacturer and converter NORDENIA has been nominated for this years German Packaging Award.

"The moisture that develops during microwave cooking and the released grease pass through a perforated sealing layer and are absorbed and retained by the packaging's inner layer," explains Dr. Herbert Bader, Managing Director of the company-wide development branch NORDENIA TECHNOLOGIES. "Even unbreaded foods such as bacon thus become much crispier than with conventional microwave technology," emphasizes Bader. In contrast to the frying of bacon and similar foods in the pan, no preparation is necessary; time-consuming washing and cleaning afterwards are also eliminated.

Nor®Absorbit also has insulating thermal properties that reduce the outside temperature of the packaging after microwave cooking, making it possible to touch the bag after cooking. Combined with easy-opening features that can be easily integrated, this ensures quick and easy removal of the cooked food. This makes Nor®Absorbit also an interesting "To-Go" application for snack food items. An additional steam venting label can also be integrated - this allows for especially gentle steam cooking of the food, preserving the natural flavor and the vitamins. In addition, the entire surface of the Nor®Absorbit packaging can be printed and it has an appealing design. For example, a window allows the consumer to view the food.

"Nor®Absorbit gives entirely new food applications access to the microwave market," explains NORDENIA's chief of development Herbert Bader. This is also important from an ecological point of view: The preparation of food in the oven consumes much more energy than in the microwave. Since the flexible Nor®Absorbit packaging - which can be processed on conventional FMS systems - can replace bag-in-box susceptor packaging, packaging material is also saved during production. A portion of the microwave packaging can also be produced from renewable raw materials.

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NORDENIA INTERNATIONAL AG is a multinational manufacturer of flexible packaging, technical films and product components. As a leader in innovation and technology, the NORDENIA Group has an outstanding market position. The products are used in a wide variety of areas, in particular in the endmarkets Hygiene, Converting Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Food, Petcare & Garden, Beauty & Healthcare / Detergent & Cleansing Agents and Industrial. NORDENIA employs around 3,000 people worldwide. The shared values serve as the foundation for their activities. With its seven shared values of Flexibility, Global, Independence, Innovation, Partnership, Passion for Excellence and Quality, NORDENIA has a partnership-oriented company culture.

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