NonProfit Times Places Email on the Back Burner

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J., Nov. 12, 2007 - NPT Publishing Group, Inc. (The NonProfit Times) announces its decision to adopt THINK360's ThinkDesktop Delivery as one of its primary means to communicate directly with its subscribers.

"We are not abandoning email, but we are certainly not relying on it to reach all of our readers," says Willy Morgan, Publisher of The NonProfit Times. ThinkDesktop Delivery is designed to provide enhanced communication directly to the subscriber's desktop, while at the same time lowering communication costs.

"With The NonProfit Times' commitment to moving ThinkDesktop Delivery to the forefront of their marketing and communication initiatives, we have effectively proven that our technologies are not only creative but here to stay," said David Wible, THINK360's EVP of Corporate Strategy.

There is also significant and unique value with the security and safety features built into THINKDesktop Delivery. Without the need for releasing a developer toolkit, THINK360 has separated itself from the traditional RSS feeds and Widgets that can place brands at serious risk. "We will also no longer have to worry if our messages have been received or mistakenly caught up by spam filters," Morgan says. The reason for this is the manner in which the messages are delivered. They are delivered through a proprietary channel directly to the user's desktop with encryption and security techniques that rival the highest levels of security possible today. Morgan went on to say, "Like the large for-profit and nonprofit companies that THINK360 serves - it was critical that we had a partner that understood the value of delivering our content safely and securely while still giving us the functionality to create a compelling look and feel."

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