Non-Wearing 360° Angular Measurement Using MDRM/MDFM Magnetic Sensors

Angular measurement tasks on moving equipment such as dancer arms or articulated joints are often handled using carbon-film potentiometers. The load placed on the wiper contacts by the fast, continuous motion is enormous and the resulting wear is obvious. The new magnetic rotary sensors of the MDRM / MDFM family provide a reliable, maintenance-free solution. The sensors, operating on the magnetoresistive principle, function completely without maintenance, without bearings and without wiper contacts. As a result, they guarantee a very long lifetime even in difficult environments involving dust, fibers and moisture.

In contrast to mechanical potentiometers, the MDRM / MDFM sensors allow measurement around the 360° circumference of rotation without a dead band. Cylindrical and rectangular housings facilitate installation under the most varied spatial circumstances. In particular, the rectangular version, with a mounting depth of 8 mm, fits behind every machine casing. Current or voltage outputs allow direct connection to standard interfaces without additional conversion modules. The 8-bit version is suitable for angular measurement in applications requiring only coarse positioning. However, there is also a version using 12 bits and providing a maximum resolution of 0.09° for small precision control systems.

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