Non-Flammable Solvent offers effective alternative to Toluene.

Press Release Summary:

Necosolv-TB offers Kauri-Butanol (K-B) Value of 106 to serve as alternative to Toluene, which is often used as thinner for paints as well as for degreasing and cleaning surfaces. While facilitating compliance with health/safety considerations, non-flammable Necosolv-TB does not qualify as Hazardous Air Pollutant and offers low toxicity. Boiling point is 114°C, and there is no flashpoint.

Original Press Release:

Necotek Solutions provides Non-Flammable NECOSOLV-TB Alternative to Toluene with Same Solvency Power

Toluene is well known as an excellent solvent – often used as thinner for paints as well as for degreasing and cleaning surfaces, since it has high solvency power, as demonstrated by its high Kauri-Butanol (K-B) Value of 105.   However, Toluene is known to be a difficult chemical from health/safety considerations and has been discussed often as needing an alternative/replacement to be available.

Necotek Solutions developed Necosolv-TB to address this situation – providing a strong solvent that is safer as well as being non-flammable:
• Not a “Hazardous Air Pollutant”
• Low Toxicity

Comparison of Necosolv-TB and Toluene is given here:

KAURI-BUTANOL VALUES -- K-B along with bp (boiling point) & FlashPoint (FLP)

 K-Bbp (C)FLP (F)NECOSOLV-TB106114none*TOLUENE10511140

*FLASH POINT: Not Applicable (No Flash Observed) by  Pensky Martens Closed Cup -- ASTM D93

Necosolv-TB as an alternative and replacement for Toluene should be of interest to anyone using Toluene regularly.

Visit our website at for more information about high-solvency-power solvents (i.e, high Kauri-Butanol, K-B, Value solvents) – all of which are uniquely non-flammable.  Or, call 1-844-NECOTEK (632-6835) for more information. 

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