Non-Distortion, High Definition Compatible Optical Grade Beam Splitter Mirrors Ideal for Teleprompter Applications

Teleprompter systems have three main components; the glass itself, which is what Abrisa Technologies supplies, the screen and the camera. Serving as a one-way mirror, the coated glass is placed at an angle to reflect the image (e.g. text) from below, allowing an individual to look directly into the camera rather than at notes or a script when addressing an audience.

Abrisa Technologies provides non-distortion, high definition compatible optical grade beam splitter mirrors for teleprompter applications. Each teleprompter mirror is coated with an all dielectric anti-reflective (AR) coating on one side and a dielectric beam splitter mirror coating on the other side. This process provides ample reflection and readability without degrading the camera picture quality. The durable coatings are easy-to-clean and the glass is provided with either a pencil ground or polished edge for safety and aesthetics.

Parameters to consider when specifying beam splitters for teleprompter use:

    - Height Width Dimensions

    - Transparency Value – Transmission/Reflectivity




   -  Thickness

        3/64” or (1mm)

        1/7” or (3mm)

        15/64” or (6mm) for 50T/50R

    - Edge Treatment

        Round or square corners

        Pencil ground or polished edge

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