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Non-Contact RFID Locking Switches offer 1,500 N max holding force.

Press Release Summary:

May 29, 2014 - Supplied in die-cast metal housing, MGL-M combines magnetic sensing and RFID technology to provide non-contact operation and anti-tamper coding. Electromagnet is used to lock machine guards. Coding is achieved by using RFID and magnetic techniques; both principles have to be satisfied for switch to operate safely. Respectively, holding forces range up to 1,500 and 1,000 N for MGL-1M and MGL-2M. There are 2 LEDs that offer 5 diagnostic functions to user.

IDEM Safety Switches Ltd - Fremont, CA

Original Press Release

The Complete MGL Family - Non-Contact RFID Locking Switches with up to 1500N Holding Force

Press release date: May 27, 2014

Responding to customer requests IDEM Safety Switches are delighted to announce the latest addition to the MGL family. The die-cast MGL-M model joins our hugely successful MGL-P and MGL-SS models to complete the line-up.

Developed in order to provide and maintain a high level of functional safety whilst providing a reliable magnetic guard door interlock the MGL range has holding forces provided by the provision of 2 different switch sizes - Heavy Duty (1200N Stainless Steel, 1500N Plastic and Die Cast) and Medium Duty (600N Stainless Steel, 1000N Plastic and Die Cast) to cover all applications.  Coding is achieved by using RFID and magnetic techniques with both principles having to be satisfied for the switch to operate safely.

Offered in Stainless Steel 316 (IP69K), high specification robust Plastic or Die-Cast Metal housings the MGL switch can be used in almost any environment including high pressure cleaning following contact with foreign particles.
• MGL-SS - Holding Force up to 1200N (MGL-1SS 1200N, MGL-2SS 600N) With a Stainless Steel 316 housing and S/Steel magnet with IP69K rating the MGL-SS is suitable for all environments and perfect for CIP and SIP processes.
• MGL-M - Holding Force up to 1500N (MGL-1M 1500N, MGL-2M 1000N) The robust die-cast metal housing of the MGL-M means that it can be used in areas where something more substantial is required - such as where contact from FLTs exists.
• MGL-P Holding Force up to 1500N (MGL-1P 1500N, MGL-2P 1000N) Designed with a robust black polyester housing the MGL-P is suitable for all environments and like the other switches in the range comes with a choice of holding force.

RFID coding is offered in two types:
Type 1: Master Code - by series (any actuator will operate any switch) this is used when unique door activation is not required, but the benefit of RFID makes it virtually impossible to be overridden or by-passed by simple means.
Type 2: 32,000,000 Unique Codes - the switch is factory set and used when unique activation is required in areas where there are many interlocked doors and security of individual areas is required.

The MGL combines magnetic sensing and RFID technology to provide non contact operation and high anti-tamper coding. In addition an electromagnet is used to lock machine guards.  Only when the actuator is in the correct position can the lock be achieved and the safety outputs closed. The switch provides two safe switching outputs for use with popular safety relays as well as a semi conductor auxiliary signal to indicate the door position. There are 2 LEDs that offer 5 diagnostic functions to the user.

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