Non-Contact 3D Level Scanner is suited for bulk solid silos.

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RL 2000 utilizes 3-headed, 2.7 kHz transducers that scan stored product profile to provide operators with 3D map of silo, helping operators identify both total inventory and product profile. Able to penetrate dust, ATEX-certified scanner provides level measurement based on multiple level readings and delivers effective level measurement on tall, narrow silos. Solution may be used in demanding environments, including flour, cement, and biomass materials.

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3D, Non-Contact Level Scanner for Bulk Solids

Accurate and reliable level measurement of bulk solid silos, especially where extremely dusty environments create unique challenges for traditional level measuring devices are well documented.  However, the introduction of a new and extremely competitively priced 3D scanner brings an affordable solution specifically for bulk-solid silos.

The APM RL 2000 is the latest offering from level and flow instrumentation specialists ALLISON ENGINEERING and provides real level measurement based on multiple level readings.  The ATEX certified RL 2000 provides accurate and reliable non-contact, dust penetrating level measurement for the most demanding environments, including flour, cement and biomass materials.  It is particularly effective on tall, narrow silos where conventional level technologies fail.

The RL 2000 utilises 3-headed, low frequency (2.7 kHz) transducers which scan the stored product profile to provide operators with a 3D map of the silo.  This level of accurate information helps operators to identify both the total inventory and also the product profile which ultimately contributes towards production improved efficiencies and cost savings in stock control.

In summary the RL 2000 represents a level control instrument which is extremely competitive with other high specification (and higher cost) radar-based devices and which Allison Engineering is offering on a free-trial basis.

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