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Non-Contact, 2-Color Pyrometer has 1112 to 2912°F range.

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Nov 19, 2012 - With integrated protective cooling housing, PSC-2C-1600 measures temperatures from ratio of radiation signals of 2 adjacent wavelengths. User-configurable menu facilitates operation, while automatic compensation is provided for viewing through dirty windows, dust, and partial smoke between sensor and target as well as for changes in target emissivity. Sensor is also unaffected by moving targets within cone of vision and can be switched and operated in one-color or single-wavelength mode.

Process Sensors Corp. - Franklin Lakes, NJ

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New Model PSC-2C-1600, Two Color Sensor System Solution Package

Press release date: Nov 06, 2012

Franklin Lakes, NJ - Process Sensors Corporation announced the debut of its high performance non-contact 2-color temperature sensor PSC-2C-1600.  The self-contained sensor with integrated protective cooling housing is a system solution package with an extensive number of industry applications.

The wide temperature range of 600° to 1600°C (1112° to 2912°F) makes it suitable for a number of steelmaking processes in continuous casting, molten metal pour streams and hot rolling mill applications.  Additional applications include cement, lime, and hazardous waste kilns, as well as induction heating, furnaces and molten glass. The IP66 mill duty rated housing is especially rugged for complete protection against harsh environments.

Process Sensors IR Sales Manager Scott Nagle stated: “The innovative PSC-2C-1600 package is not only simple to install and can easily incorporate into existing control systems, but is also simple to operate from the intuitive user-configurable menu.  It has been designed to perform consistently and with the highest accuracy under the harshest conditions.”

A two-color instrument, the PSC-2C-1600 sensor measures temperatures from the ratio of radiation signals of two adjacent wavelengths as opposed to measuring the absolute intensity as single wavelength pyrometers do.  Advantages of the two-color process include automatic compensation for viewing through dirty windows, dust and partial smoke between the sensor and target and for changes in target emissivity.  The PSC-2C-1600 is unaffected by moving targets within the cone of vision and measures smaller targets than the sensor’s field of view.  This versatile pyrometer has universal applications and can be switched and operated in a one-color or single wavelength mode as well.

The PSC-2C-1600 features a large integral temperature display and menu that allows the user to customize its operation for individual applications with the push of a button.  Some of the user selectable features of the PSC-2C-1600 system solution package include:  wavelength mode, upper and lower limit alarms, Slope and emissivity adjustments, four different sampling modes, Celsius or Fahrenheit measurement and a configurable aiming laser.

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Process Sensors Corporation is a private company with a manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters located in Milford MA, USA.  The company is a manufacturer and distributor of non-contact temperature sensing and moisture measurement instruments, and the associated calibration systems.  Technical and application support is provided worldwide through direct, regional and sales representative offices.