Noise/Vibration/Dust Monitor keeps sites standards-compliant.

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To ensure regulatory limits are not being exceeded and standards of surrounding communities are not being violated, Boundary Guardian™ monitors construction, demolition, process sites for dust, vibration, and noise levels. Web-based system, suited for unattended and continuous monitoring, sends email or text to site managers if level are exceeded to ensure prompt response. Also, instrument can be set to use its internal memory to capture forensic noise data.

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New Boundary Guardian(TM) Series Provides Long-Term, Unattended Monitoring of Noise, Vibration and Dust Levels

Cost-effectively monitors construction, demolition, process sites for regulatory limits

BUFFALO, NY -- Casella CEL has launched a web-based monitoring system that simultaneously checks dust, vibration and noise levels to ensure regulatory limits are not being exceeded or that the standards of the surrounding community are not being violated.

Engineered to make environmental compliance simple, the new Casella Boundary Guardian™ is ideal for long-term, unattended continuous monitoring of construction and demolition sites, roadside traffic, processing operations, and industrial boundaries in or near densely populated areas. In the event dust (including respirable fractions PM1, PM2.5 and PM 10) or noise levels are exceeded, the Boundary Guardian instantly sends an email or text to site managers who can take appropriate action to bring levels back to within acceptable limits.

Additionally, the instrument can use its internal memory to capture forensic noise data. For example, if the decibel level exceeds a pre-set threshold, the Boundary Guardian automatically records a .wav file, thereby giving the Project Manager the ability to hear and identify the source of the offending sounds.

The Boundary Guardian's unique ability to monitor, record and even identify environmental sources provides the secure information needed by facility operators, contractors, and remediation firms to prove compliance with regulatory requirements. Accessing reports and receiving real-time alerts are incredibly useful tools in keeping ahead of any possible concerns or complaints from the community or agencies.

The ANSI and IEC compliant sound level meter built into the Boundary Guardian units meets or exceeds requirements for accuracy and calculation of the most important environmental metrics, while its sensitive dust monitor features a laser probe with convenient calibration reference. A maintenance free wind speed and direction sensor is available as an option.


Along with texts and emails, the Boundary Guardian will automatically push data to a dedicated website,, where it is accessible by authorized users in real-time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Formatted reports are easily generated from the site with user-defined time periods. Data can be superimposed onto a high-resolution map of the site, and also exported to third-party positional interpolation programs for detailed exposure modeling.

Exceptionally rugged and weather-proof, the Boundary Guardian is well-protected from adverse conditions encountered on construction or industrial sites. It is also very easy to install and commission with only minimal routine maintenance required. To discourage vandalism or tampering, the intentionally plain-looking tan housing blends into the environment, rather than stands out.


To meet the specific needs of users, Casella also offers the Guardian in a noise-only monitoring system, the Noise Guardian™, and a dust-only system, the Dust Guardian™. For more information, please call 800-366-2966 or visit

Boundary Guardian by Casella provides real-time continuous measurement 24/7 of multiple hazards including noise, vibration, dust (including respirable fractions PM1, PM2.5 and PM 10) plus wind speed and direction. It sends emails and text alerts should levels of any parameter exceed user-set levels of interest. Housed in a very rugged and plain-looking weather-proof enclosure, the Boundary Guardian Series is customizable and is simple to operate and maintain with US based service and support.


Casella CEL Inc., a subsidiary of IDEAL Industries, Inc. is headquartered in Buffalo, NY. Customer support and service including instrument recalibration are performed at this facility by factory-trained engineers. Application advice and product selection guidance is provided for users throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico. For additional information, please visit Other Casella CEL products include personal noise dosimeters, sound level meters, real-time frequency analyzers and weather/rainfall monitoring.

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