No-Clean Flux is compatible with all solder alloys.

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Designed for surfaces with poor solderability, Multicore® MF210 is resin-free and halide-free. Sustained activity flux works over range of solder resists and is compatible with rosin and OSP-based surface preservatives. Material allows for high-speed soldering on conventional leaded and surface-mount components and offers good through hole penetration. No-clean characteristic ensures minimal residues so there is no interference with test probes.

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Henkel Announces Availability of a New No Clean, Resin-Free, Halide-Free, Sustained Activity Flux

Multicore MF210 is extremely robust; provides maximum process window, good through hole penetration and reduced costs associated with no clean products

Designed specifically for surfaces with poor solderability and compatible with all solder alloys, Multicore® MF210 is now available to electronics professionals worldwide. The no clean, halide-free sustained activity flux has been formulated to work over a wide range of solder resists and is compatible with rosin and OSP based surface preservatives.

Multicore MF210 offers a maximum process window without resin, which satisfies the demand for applications requiring high performance and reliability. Additionally, the material allows for high speed soldering on conventional leaded and surface-mount components, good through hole penetration and is designed for optimum wetting of surfaces. And, Multicore MF210's no clean characteristic reduces manufacturer's costs, while ensuring minimal residues so that there is no interference with test probes.

The liquid flux has been formulated for use in foam, spray or wave fluxes similar to ordinary fluxes on standard wave soldering machines.

Multicore MF210 meets or exceeds the IPC-TM-650 2.3.32 Copper Mirror Test standard, and meets specifications for J-STD-004 SIR and Bellcore GR-78-CORE electromigration testing.

About the electronics group of Henkel
Henkel is the world's leading and most progressive provider of qualified, compatible material sets for semiconductor packaging, board level assembly and advanced soldering solutions. Through its Hysol, Loctite and Multicore brands, and its global customer support infrastructure, the electronics group of Henkel delivers world-class materials products, process expertise and total solutions across the board to enable tomorrow's electronic industry.

The Henkel Group operates in three strategic business areas: Home Care; Personal care; and Adhesives, Sealants and Surface Treatments - of which the electronics group is part, serving transportation, electronics, aerospace, metal, durable goods, consumer goods, maintenance and repair and packaging industries, and offering a broad range of products for the craftsman and consumer. With brands and advanced technologies, Henkel makes people's lives easier, better, and more beautiful. 50,000 employees work for the Henkel Group worldwide. People in 125 countries around the world trust in brands and technologies from Henkel - "A Brand like a Friend".

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