NITA's Shellshock Clamshell Labeler Reaches a New Milestone: 200 SOLD is Proof of Tamper Evident Greatness

The shellshock is a dedicated clamshell labeling machine that is directly aimed at the clamshell users. It has Servo driven labeling head synchronized with an encoded motor driven stainless steel conveyor in a split belt configuration.

Since its launch in 2007 The Shellshock clamshell labeling system has been making lots of production managers very happy. It has been used in deli lines, meat packaging lines and automotive parts packing lines as well but it is the commercial and small-sized bakeries which benefit most from this little marvel. The shellshock is configured to handle container sizes (clamshells, trays, plates, cartons) as small as 3 inches wide as a large as 15 .5 inches in width. The labeling application is done from the top of the clamshell and is retained into position with wipe gate brushes while it waits for the product. Next it releases the label at the right moment to create a perfect "C-shaped" seal around the bottom, front and top of the clamshell.

The throughput can easily accommodate line up to 85 Products per minute (based on a 9 inch long label). The secret of this small footprint labeling system is the extreme user friendly factor. The synchronisation allows the operator to never waste any labels or containers during set ups, the touch screen interface makes it very easy to comprehend and operate, The fixed sensors means that set up time as well as changeover time is under 1 minute. Best of all, every set up is saved into the HMI touch screen for future use AND can be backed up to a USB key for safe keeping.
All adjustments have scales and every scale is shown on the HMI during set up. As with all the NITA labeling machines...there are no proprietary electronics or boards that shackle the operators and gauge the customers for expensive changes.

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