NIR Spectrometers include USB interface for OEM integration.

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Operating with standard 5 Vdc power supply, Sol(TM) 1.7 Fiber-Coupled InGaAs Array Spectrometer is available in configurations from 900-1,700 nm with 0.2 nm resolution. TE Cooling is upgraded from +5 to -10°C for minimal noise and maximum stability. Sol(TM) 2.2 and 2.2A offer extended range of 900-2,20 nm with spectral resolution of less than 2.5 nm for Sol 2.2.

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B&W Tek, Inc. Announces Enhanced NIR Spectrometers to be debuted at SPIE's Optics & Photonics

B&W Tek, Inc., an advanced instrumentation company producing optical spectroscopy and laser systems, has recently introduced its enhanced series of TE Cooled fiber-coupled InGaAs array spectrometers - the Sol(TM) series. These spectrometers now offer extended spectral range and high spectral resolution options along with deeper TE Cooling. All four spectrometers in the series have USB standard interface for easy integration into OEM systems.

"B&W Tek strives for constant innovation and improvement," says Dr. Jack Zhou, COO for B&W Tek, Inc. " We not only believe in scientific advancement by way of engineering new products, but also by the improvement of existing products for superior results and exceptional customer value. The enhancements of our Sol series near-infrared spectrometers will allow users more flexibility in configuring systems specific to their application, with an increase in detection limits of nearly a factor of 10."

The Sol(TM) 1.7's TE Cooling has been upgraded from +5°C to -10°C for lower noise and better stability. The spectrometer includes three new grating options, allowing for 18 additional configurations between 900 nm - 1700 nm, and resolution as fine as 0.2nm. Redesigned electronics for the Sol(TM) 1.7 allow this unit to operate with a standard 5VDC power supply, making it even more convenient for OEM integrators and end users alike. The upgraded Sol(TM) 1.7 will make its debut at SPIE's Optics & Photonics tradeshow, taking place at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California from August 23rd through August 25th. B&W Tek will be performing a live demonstration of the Sol(TM)1.7 at their booth, number 741.

The Sol(TM) 2.2 and Sol(TM) 2.2A have also been upgraded with three new grating options, allowing for 8 additional configurations from previous models. These new gratings allow for an extended range of 900 nm-2200 nm and higher spectral resolution, measuring less than 2.5 nm for the Sol(TM) 2.2.

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B&W Tek, Inc. is an advanced instrumentation company producing optical spectroscopy, laser instrumentation and portable/lab grade Raman systems. We provide custom product design, development, and manufacturing for biomedical, physical, chemical, and research communities. Our commitment to innovating solutions makes B&W Tek, Inc. a leader in Raman spectrometer sales worldwide.

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