NIR Photodiode-Preamp Combo suits medical applications.

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Packaged in hermetically sealed TO-39 can, Near-Infrared (NIR) Red-Enhanced 5 mm² ODA-5W-100K Photodiode-Preamplifier combination device offers 500 MW gain. High-sensitivity, NIR wavelength response at 940 nm is 63 V/mW (typ) and 55 V/mW (min). With operating and storage temperature ranges of -25 to +100°C, product suits applications such as medical diagnostics, test and measurement, or other tasks that require low-light (under 1 mW) level detection.

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Opto Diode Introduces New NIR Photodiode- Preamp Combo

Newbury Park, CA - January 16, 2008 - Opto Diode Corporation, a leading supplier of advanced performance photodetectors and high-sensitivity, visible and infrared LEDs, announces the new Near-Infrared (NIR) Red-Enhanced, 5mm² ODA-5W-100K Photodiode-Preamplifier. The new combination device offers 500Mohm gain (custom gains are also available, upon request), extremely low noise, and a large active area. The high sensitivity, NIR wavelength response at 940 nm is typically 63 V/mW (min. 55). Packaged in a hermetically-sealed TO-39 can, the enhanced infrared photodiode's operating and storage temperature ranges from -25 degrees C to +100 degrees C.

The new detector combination is one of three new devices that will join Opto Diode's expanding range of TO-39 packaged photodetector preamp products in the first quarter of 2008. Affordable and available now, the new 5mm² ODA-5W-100K photodiode is priced at $44.80 each in quantities of 100 pieces. Ideal for medical diagnostics, such as fluorescence and spectroscopy, test and measurement, and other tasks that require low-light (less than 1 mW) level detection. For more information on Opto Diode's new Photodiode-Preamplifier Combination line of advanced performance photodetectors, please visit

Opto Diode Corporation (, based in Newbury Park, California, has been supplying the global market with reliable, high quality infrared (IR) LEDs and custom LEDs in the visible range since 1981. The Company recently introduced a new family of products: High-performance photodetectors, both standard and custom devices that are also manufactured at the U.S. facility. Opto Diode's signature high standards and uncompromising attention to quality and detail inherent in the LEDs, are now incorporated in the new photodetectors product line. Opto Diode's domestic U. S. plant offers competitive pricing, short lead times, excellent quality and demanding standards to meet your strictest requirements. Industries served include test & measurement, biotechnology, medical, entertainment, military/defense, industrial, aerospace, automotive, R&D, and more.

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