NIR Camera incorporates VisGaAs detector.

Press Release Summary:

Alpha NIR camera utilizes VisGaAs(TM) sensor, which enables simultaneous imaging in visible and near-infrared (NIR) spectrum. Real-time, 12-bit, digital camera can simultaneously acquire, display, and analyze visible and NIR images with included IRVista(TM) software. Camera head employs 320 x 256 InGaAs-based focal plane array with spectral sensitivity from 900-1,700 nm. Alpha NIR with VisGaAs sensor provides 400 nm cut-on wavelength.

Original Press Release:

Indigo Systems' VisGaAs Detector in Alpha NIR System

January 20, 2004 - Goleta, CA - Indigo Systems' VisGaAs(TM) sensor is now available in the high performance Alpha NIR camera, enabling simultaneous imaging in both the visible and near-infrared spectrum with a real-time, 12-bit, all-digital camera. The standard Alpha NIR camera head employs a 320 x 256 Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) based focal plane array with a spectral sensitivity range from 900 to 1700 nm. The new Alpha NIR with VisGaAs sensor provides a 400 nm cut-on wavelength, extending the short-wavelength spectral response well beyond the range of previous infrared imaging systems.

The new detector enables images to be captured in both the visible and NIR, making it easier to perform tasks that previously required two separate detectors or cameras. Visible and near-IR images can be simultaneously acquired, displayed and analyzed with the Alpha NIR system using Indigo's included IRVista(TM) software.

VisGaAs sensors can be used in many laser-based applications which are found at 850 nm. Other applications for the Alpha NIR/VisGaAs imager include spectroscopy and any other tasks requiring two sensors to cover the spectral region from the visible (400nm) to 1700nm. The new Alpha NIR/VisGaAs imaging system is now available for shipping in single-unit quantities as well as volume OEM applications.

Indigo Systems Corporation (, based in Goleta, California, is a premier developer and supplier of advanced infrared cameras and components, covering the entire infrared spectrum including near-, midwave-, and longwave-IR. Since 1996, Indigo has provided custom readout integrated circuit (ROIC) design services, IR sensors, cameras, software, and system solutions. Indigo Systems is a next-generation IR company, whose unique structure and mix of commercial and defense expertise allows it to deliver military-grade infrared products while driving down costs to enable new, commercial applications of infrared cameras.

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