Nikon Introduces COOLSCOPE LOW-MAG Low Magnification for a Wider Field of View

A multi-application networked digital microscope for teaching, consultation & collaboration

MELVILLE, N.Y., Nov. 10 -- Nikon Instruments, Inc., ( a world leader in the development of advanced optical technology, introduced COOLSCOPE LOW-MAG today, a new COOLSCOPE digital microscope featuring low magnification for a wide field of view. The COOLSCOPE LOW-MAG continues to round out the COOLSCOPE product family by offering an integrated digital microscope and camera system that does not require a computer, equipment setup, optical adjustment or software installation.

Built on Nikon's high-precisions optics and innovative technology, the R&D 100 Award winning COOLSCOPE combines simplicity and advanced technology for users of all levels. The COOLSCOPE LOW-MAG offers simultaneous viewing of a macro image and a micro image at a magnification of 2x, 4x, 20x, and 40x using a monitor or projector. The 2x and 4x enhanced fields of view provide for quicker navigation over the specimen slide combined with the easy-to-use mouse driven control. Actual specimen field size of up to 4.2 mm per displayed or captured image is possible allowing unprecedented low power imaging capability. High resolution images up to 5-megapixels are captured with COOLSCOPE LOW MAG's integrated digital CCD.

COOLSCOPE LOW-MAG is ideal for universities and colleges, teaching hospitals, medical, dental and veterinary schools, and is also useful for clinical, research and collaborative applications. Reliable, high-quality remote collaboration is possible through COOLSCOPE LOW-MAG's network accessibility and web browser interface. COOLSCOPE LOW-MAG's slide capabilities provide an ideal way to display specimens at conference or classroom settings. Life sciences students can use the COOLSCOPE LOW-MAG to remotely control the microscope over the internet, and to view the same slide specimen simultaneously. With the memory function, users can save up to 12 previous observation conditions and specimen positions for instant image recall. Aperture and brightness are automatically adjusted, while stage movement, focusing, and magnification changeover are all motorized. An LED illuminator provides bright, uniform, and cool light with a constant color temperature. COOLSCOPE LOW-MAG is a perfect solution for microscopists to digitally share their work beyond the classroom and laboratory with ease.

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