Night Vision Camera System enables 24/7 surveillance.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for infantry and personal security, video-based Night Vision System provides night vision at 0.00047 lx min illumination without image intensifier. Product weighs 290 g and features 12-bit digital signal processing, 50 cm to infinity focus range, and -5 to +2 diopter adjustment. Adaptable lenses provide FOV of 8-80°. Usable in pitch dark as well as bright sunlight, system includes dynamic range enhancement feature that provides clearer view in fog, haze, smoke, or rain.

Original Press Release:

24/7 Surveillance with the New Video Night Vision Camera System

KAPPA is particularly proud to present its new Night Vision System - a milestone in the modernization of infantry and personal security. The video based NVS provides great night vision at minimum illumination without using an image intensifier. This means maximum performance at less weight (overall weight 290g!) and smaller dimensions. Its rugged design complies with the civil aviation standard (RTCA/DO-160D) and similar standards (shock, vibration, temperature) of other industries and suitable for use in a sea-water environment.

The NVS is a professional high-end camera system that features 12 bit digital signal processing, high resolution and excellent signal-to-noise ratio. With a verified minimum illumination of 0.00047 lx, it is one of the most light-sensitive cameras in the security market. It offers a focus range of 50 cm to infinity and diopter adjustment from -5 to +2 and with adaptable lenses a FOV 8 - 80°. Another advantage of the camera is its DRE feature (Dynamic Range Enhancement), which provides a clearer view in fog, haze, smoke or rain. Designed as a system, the NVS comes with an automatically controlled lens, enabling it to operate around the clock, in pitch darkness as well as in bright sunlight. The integrated infrared LED ring light uses non-visible light waves.

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