NICE to Demonstrate NG9-1-1 Solutions at NENA 2013

NICE will also participate in a panel on 'Text-to-9-1-1' and share its vision of the PSAP of the future

RA'ANANA, Israel - NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE) today announced that it will be demonstrating its Next Generation 9-1-1 Solutions in booth #635 at the NENA 2013 Conference Expo. NICE's Next Generation 9-1-1 solutions ensure that Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) will be ready to address the challenges of capturing and managing NG9-1-1 communications in any form, including voice, text, video and telematics. NENA 2013 will take place on June 15-20 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

At the event, NICE will share its vision of the future PSAP, explaining how Big Data can be harnessed to improve real-time situational awareness, emergency response, and post-event investigation. In the not-too-distant future, PSAPs will also be able to tap into a U.S. nationwide broadband network that will enable access to other data sources such as fixed and mobile video, License Plate Recognition (LPR), and weather alerts.

NICE will demonstrate its flagship NG9-1-1 solution, NICE Inform, which allows PSAPs to blend 9-1-1, radio, screen recordings, and other multimedia with video (from CCTV, smartphones, and in-car cameras) to create seamless incident timelines for investigation purposes. NICE Inform was designed to address the transition of PSAPs to NG9-1-1 and the natural progression toward hosted solutions that leverage shared IP infrastructure. For example, IP recordings, video, and other multimedia hosted in a central location can be securely accessed and managed through NICE Inform, providing participating PSAPs with rich NG9-1-1 functionality at a lower cost.

"The public safety market is evolving rapidly, as evidenced by the recent FCC announcement that text-to-9-1-1 services will be available by mid-2014," said Eric Hines, Vice President of the NICE Security Group. "Our advanced solutions provide the innovative technologies needed to help organizations meet the immediate changes in the public safety landscape and prepare themselves to seamlessly transition to full-scale NG9-1-1 when the time comes. By remaining ahead of the market trends, our customers are best positioned to respond to and investigate emergency situations."

NICE's John Rennie, Regional Vice President of Public Safety, will join NENA's Roger Hixson and Michelle Bland from the California Highway Patrol to present a session titled "Text-to-9-1-1 on the Fast Track: What You Need to Know," on Monday, June 16 at 1:30 p.m. The session will examine the realities of texting to 9-1-1, including the role of NG9-1-1, the impact of texting to 9-1-1 for PSAPs, and how call takers will interact with those who text for assistance.

NICE is also a member of the NENA Next Generation Partner Program (NGPP) and supports NENA's NG9-1-1 Industry Collaboration Events (ICE).

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