Beginning in 1997, the owners of MDM Scaffolding Services, Inc. – Gene Morgan and Carol Schulz, have been developing an alternative to wood and LVL scaffold planks that would be safer, lighter and stronger and would elminiate the inherent problems of wood products.

Wood planks require extensive inspection procedures, high storage costs and are susceptible to dry rot, splitting/cracking, bug infestation, water absorption and flamability causing varying deflection and weights from board to board.

After more than 10 years of research and testing, MDM Scaffolding unveiled their new product in 2010 - NexGenPlank - an all fiberglass composite. It has been field tested for over two years in a variety of applications. NexGenPlank has been used in AT&T Switch Gear Rooms, Intel Plant, Chandler, AZ, L3 Communications 747-800 scaffold decks, with Chicago Bridge & Iron on Formosa Chemicals, Point Comfort, TX, Exxon/Esso Plant in Chad, Africa and a variety of commercial projects throughout North Texas. 

NexGenPlank is an all composite fiberglass scaffold plank (1.5" x 9.5") that was developed not only as a safer alternative to using wood or LVL scaffold products but it can be used with customers existing inventory.  NexGenPlank has the identical dimenions of nominal 2 x10 scaffold plank.  Nothing changes with the switch to NexGenPlank other than that its safer, lighter, stronger and "Green". NexGenPlank weighs only 2.9lbs per foot, load tests at 75psf for 10' spans or less and has ZERO of the problems  associated with wood plank. NexGenPlank is water proof, resistant to welding slag, UVA/UVB resistant, can be customized with company color, and is American made.  It can be ordered with or without surface coating and end caps are available as an option.

Due to its lighter weight, 25% more per truck load will save on freight expense minimizing the carbon footprint. NexGenPlank self-extinguishes when exposed to a flame and will never contribute to a fire like wood products. Additional savings can be gained from minimized storage expense, faster inspection time, greater ergonomics due to lighter weight, and with its longer life and 5 year warranty for shape and corrosion, can be a depreciable asset rather than a consummable expense.

NexGenPlank is the new standard when it comes to scaffold plank.

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