New Zone Motion-Only Intersector Tc-ck1-VMS From Sedco

Press Release Summary:

The new Ms Sedeco Intersector Tc-ck1-VMS allows for zone motion-only sensing. The product can detect vehicles, including bicycles, that are present in up to eight user-defined zones from up to 600 feet from the sensor.  Other features include above-ground mounting, zero preventive maintenance, zone configuration using an X-Y coordinate system, built-in surge protection, IP-addressable for remote monitoring, and outputs in either metric or imperial (US) units.  

Original Press Release:

Ms Sedco Launches the Intersector Tc-ck1-VMS

Offering a significant cost savings for zone motion sensing traffic control


MS SEDCO announces the product launch of the newest member of their INTERSECTOR family of traffic control products as they introduce a zone motion-only sensing version of their popular INTERSECTOR TC-CK1-SBE.

The INTERSECTOR TC-CK1-VMS brings the advantages of microwave radar detection together with motion-tracking capabilities in an easy-to-understand visual image. The unit detects when vehicles are present in up to eight user-defined zones, up to 600 feet from the unit. Unlike a camera-based intersection control system, the INTERSECTOR TC-CK1-VMS is unaffected by weather or sunrise/sunset glare and eliminates privacy concerns posed by cameras. The INTERSECTOR TC-CK1-VMS system offers 40% cost savings compared to other intersection control systems.

These are just some of the great INTERSECTOR TC-CK1-VMS features: 

  • Above-ground mounting for easy and cost-efficient installation with minimal disruption to traffic
  • Zero preventive maintenance (as opposed to camera-based motion sensors)
  • Zone configuration using an X-Y coordinate system with a laptop and web browser
  • Built-in surge protection and automatic power failure recovery
  • Is IP-addressable for remote monitoring and setup
  • Includes outputs in either Metric or Imperial (US) units
  • Allows users to configure detection zones to detect bicycles

“The INTERSECTOR TC-CK1-VMS offers our customers significant cost savings when zone motion sensing is all they need,” said Brian Christopher, MS SEDCO’s director of sales and technical services. “The above-around installation is key to the cost savings. Also, the system relies on a microwave based radar rather than a camera lens. Think about the conditions that impact a camera image, like rain, snow, fog and glare from the sun. You won’t ever have to worry about weather conditions impacting the performance. That, combined with the integrated surge protection and power failure recovery, means the system works 24/7, 365.”

The INTERSECTOR TC-CK1-VMS is designed to be used with the TCIB Interface Board series in order to communicate with the traffic control cabinet. Different board configurations are available which are designed to fit NEMA 170, 179, and 2070 cabinets. It meets the standards of both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Industry Canada (IC). The system will operate in temperatures ranging from -40°F (-40°C) to 185°F (85°C).

The TC-CK1-VMS INTERSECTOR system is available throughout the U.S. and internationally at

MS SEDCO is a family-owned, Indianapolis-based company that produces motion and presence sensors and electromechanical activation switch products for automatic door control, pedestrian and traffic detection and event monitoring. For over 35 years, MS SEDCO products have assisted in opening tens of thousands of doors worldwide and engineering motion to make traffic safer.

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