New xMHR Radar Platform Provides Fire Control and Air Surveillance Capabilities

Press Release Summary:

  • xMHR is a radar platform for mobile short-range air defense (MSHORAD) solutions for the maneuver force
  • Provides counter rocket, artillery and mortar (C-RAM), sense & warn and ranging of friendly fire capabilities
  • aCHR is a radar platform for active protection (APS), vehicle protection (VPS) and hostile fire detection (HFD) solutions

Original Press Release:

RADA Releases Two New Radar Platforms: aCHR and xMHR

Both radars are cutting edge 4D AESA, software defined, multi-mission, pulse-Doppler platforms that can host a variety of operational missions

DSEI 2019, September 10-13, London, UK, Booth #S6-120

Netanya, Israel, September 3 , 2019 - RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. (Nasdaq: RADA) will unveil two new radars, the aCHR and the xMHR, at the DSEI 2019 Defense and Security exhibition and conference taking place in London.

The ‘advanced Compact Hemispheric Radar’ – aCHR, is RADA’s latest and most advanced radar platform for Active Protection (APS), Vehicle Protection (VPS) and Hostile Fire Detection (HFD) solutions. The APS/VPS market is emerging, especially in the USA, Israel and other NATO countries. The demand requirements include high accuracies, multi-mission, operation under a cluttered and saturated environment, low probability of detection, ballistic protection, and other high-end requirements. The aCHR, currently in the heart of the Iron Fist APS, is RADA’s most advanced radar in its family of compact hemispheric radars for the maneuver force. The aCHR is compliant with the MAPS standard, meets and surpasses all APS/VPS challenges, and is the result of over a decade of evolving development and testing of its predecessors, the CHR and eCHR, which are currently in production. Deliveries of this best-of-Breed radar platform are expected to commence in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The ‘extended Multi-mission Hemispheric Radar’ – xMHR, is RADA’s next generation radar platform for Mobile Short-Range Air Defense (MSHORAD) solutions for the maneuver force, providing enhanced fire control and air surveillance capabilities. In view of current and future tactical threats on the maneuver force, including short-range indirect fires and drones, the MSHORAD is a revived critical need among western forces, mainly the USA and NATO. The xMHR is broadening RADA’s family of on-the-move, multi-mission hemispheric radars, comprised of the MHR and ieMHR, by offering extended ranges, fire-control accuracies, multipath and clutter handling and superior performance against low signature targets. Through its multi-mission and extreme configurability, the xMHR provides Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar (C-RAM), Sense & Warn and ranging of friendly fire capabilities, in addition to the MSHORAD mission.

Dov Sella, RADA CEO, commented, “in recent years RADA has taken a leading role in the new and emerging market of tactical radars for the maneuver force, introducing software-defined radar platforms, showing a superior performance-to-price ratio and extreme maturity in battlefield conditions. This was achieved through anticipation of market needs and a heavy investment in R&D efforts. We are committed to maintain and further building our leadership in the market segments

of APS/VPS and MSHORAD, as demonstrated by the introduction of these cutting-edge new radar platforms and additional ongoing new developments”.

About RADA Electronic Industries Ltd.

RADA Electronic Industries Ltd., an Israel-based defense electronics company, specializes in the development, production, and sales of Tactical Land Radars for Force and Border Protection, and Avionics Systems (including Inertial Navigation Systems) for fighter aircraft and UAVs.

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