New WavePro HD Oscilloscopes from Teledyne LeCroy Come with 12-Bit Resolution and 8-GHz Bandwidth

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Teledyne’s WavePro HD Oscilloscopes feature 15.6 in., 1900 x 1080-pixel capacitive touch screen and bandwidth 2.5 GHz to 8 GHz with a sample rates up to 20 GS/s. The oscilloscope is integrated with 8-GHz chipset with front-end amplifier and a 12-bit ADC. The input for oscilloscopes is combined with optional MSO input for capturing analog-sensor, digital logic, power-rail and serial-data signals. Unit is used for power-integrity investigations; pin down emissions and analyzing serial-data jitter and noise.

Original Press Release:

Teledyne LeCroy’s WavePro HD Oscilloscopes Capture Every Detail

12-bit resolution and 8-GHz bandwidth, and up to 5 Gpts of memory—all industry firsts

Chestnut Ridge, N.Y., May 8, 2018 – Teledyne LeCroy today announced the WavePro HD high-definition oscilloscopes, which combine for the first time HD4096 12-bit technology and 8 GHz bandwidth for low noise and pristine signal fidelity. With a maximum of 5 Gpoints of fast, responsive, and easily navigable acquisition memory, also an industry first, WavePro HD oscilloscopes also acquire extremely fine waveform details over long periods of time. A deep, powerful toolset quickly exposes underlying system behaviors. 

WavePro HD 12-bit oscilloscopes uniquely support engineers in developing smaller, faster, and lower-power mobile and handheld devices; high-speed, deeply-embedded computing systems; and datacenter technologies. All of these are characterized by analog sensor inputs, sensitive power-distribution networks (PDNs) with very low-voltage power rails, and high-speed CPUs and serial-data interfaces. This requires an oscilloscope with a unique combination of high resolution, low noise, high bandwidth, and very long capture times at high sample rates to facilitate comprehensive system debugging.

All WavePro HD oscilloscopes feature a large 15.6”, 1900 x 1080-pixel capacitive touch screen and Teledyne LeCroy’s powerful MAUI with OneTouch user interface for intuitive, efficient operation. The instruments come in four models with bandwidths from 2.5 GHz to 8 GHz, all featuring sample rates up to 20 GS/s.

HD4096 Technology Meets 8-GHz Bandwidth

At the heart of WavePro HD is a new 8-GHz chipset comprising a low-noise front-end amplifier and a 12-bit ADC. That chipset, tightly integrated with a new low-noise, high-bandwidth system architecture, unlocks the full potential of HD4096 High Definition Technology in an industry-first 8-GHz, 12-bit oscilloscope. Competitive instruments either simply place a 10- or 12-bit ADC into a conventional 8-bit signal path, or use software techniques to sacrifice bandwidth for higher resolution. WavePro HD’s HD4096 technology provides the highest resolution and lowest noise at full bandwidth without compromise.

Next-Generation Long-Memory Architecture

With WavePro HD’s next-generation signal-acquisition and memory-management architecture, 5-Gpoint acquisitions are fast and responsive. Meanwhile, WavePro HD's MAUI advanced user interface makes it easy to find, navigate to, and thoroughly analyze waveform features of interest. The instruments can acquire 250 ms at the full 20-GS/s sample rate, and always with 12-bit resolution.

Best-in-Class Deeply Embedded Computing Systems Debug

In WavePro HD, high-resolution analog inputs may be combined with optional mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO) inputs for capture of a wide range of analog-sensor, digital logic, power-rail, serial-data, and other signals. A full complement of standard analysis tools is augmented by serial-data Trigger, Decode, Measure/Graph, and Eye-Diagram (TDME) options. Thus, WavePro HD performs the industry’s best long-capture causal analysis between any high- and low-speed signals, including power-distribution network (PDN) signals, analog sensor inputs, digital activities, and serial data messages. When combined with Teledyne LeCroy’s powerful, deep toolbox and toolsets for high-speed serial-data jitter analysis and protocol compliance, users have at their fingertips a dream debug and analysis solution for deeply embedded computing systems.

Unmatched Power-Integrity Investigations

WavePro HD’s high bandwidth and high vertical resolution are ideally suited for measurement and analysis of on-die and system PDN behavior. High bandwidth means accurate characterization of high-speed, on-die effects such as ground bounce, while WavePro HD’s high dynamic range and 0.5% gain accuracy ensure complete confidence in sensitive measurements such as rail-collapse characterization. The exceptionally low noise floor, combined with spectrum analyzer software tools, helps extract and identify the most subtle PDN aggressors. The RP4030 4-GHz power-rail probe completes the WavePro HD’s unmatched power-integrity capabilities by combining flexible connectivity options with a pristine signal path.

Characterize Pulses; Pin Down Emissions

In the EMC lab, WavePro HD deftly melds 2.5 or 4 GHz of bandwidth with very high sample rates and resolution for extremely accurate pulse characterization. Meanwhile, on the test bench, system designers must discern EMI sources from within a dense electromagnetic landscape. WavePro HD’s exceptionally low noise and intuitive spectral-analysis capability combine to yield a powerful interference-hunting tool.

Analyze Serial-Data Jitter and Noise

For serial-data analysis, 12-bit resolution, a low noise floor, and exceptionally low timebase jitter (60 fs) give the WavePro HD huge advantages in jitter and noise measurements. The optional SDAIII CompleteLinQ package comprises the industry’s most complete set of serial-data jitter and vertical noise analysis tools, while optional QualiPHY serial-data compliance packages make easy work of physical layer validation.

ProBus2 Interface Supports 8 GHz

WavePro HD has a new 8 GHz, BNC-compatible ProBus2 probe interface. New 8- and 6-GHz ProBus2 probes connect directly to the WavePro HD, as well as to the 4 GHz ProBus interface on other Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes. Additionally, ProBus-compatible probes also work with the new ProBus2 interface without adapters, ensuring compatibility with Teledyne LeCroy’s extensive range of existing probes.

Pricing and Availability

The WavePro HD is available now with pricing of $31,000 for the 2.5-GHz 254HD, $39,500 for the 4-GHz 404HD, $57,000 for the 6-GHz 604HD, and $71,000 for the 8-GHz 804HD. All are available in mixed-signal versions.

About Teledyne LeCroy

Teledyne LeCroy is a leading manufacturer of advanced oscilloscopes, protocol analyzers, and other test instruments that verify performance, validate compliance, and debug complex electronic systems quickly and thoroughly. Since its founding in 1964, the Company has focused on incorporating powerful tools into innovative products that enhance "Time-to-Insight". Faster time to insight enables users to rapidly find and fix defects in complex electronic systems, dramatically improving time-to-market for a wide variety of applications and end markets. Teledyne LeCroy is based in Chestnut Ridge, N.Y. For more information, visit Teledyne LeCroy's website at

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