New Video Instructions for Popular Label Sensor

St. Paul, MN USA, February 11, 2009

The very popular LRD6110 label sensor from Lion Precision now offers video setup instructions. Unlike photo-eyes (optical sensors), the LRD6110 does not use changes in contrast for operation. The sensor works equally well with standard labels and clear-on-clear labels without the need for "eye-marks." The setup procedure is slightly different than a photo-eye. To aid customers in getting the highest performance and quickest setup time, Lion Precision now offers a Video TechNote on their web site providing a clear explanation of the concepts and techniques used in adjusting the sensor. "While the sensor is quiet easy to setup thanks to the light bar display, nothing makes instructions clearer than video," according Mark Kretschmar, communication manager for the company.

The video is available at:

Other video TechNotes are available. More setup videos are planned for other sensors.

Lion Precision manufactures the world's leading clear-label sensors with nearly 40,000 installed around the world. The company's primary product line is capacitive and eddy-current noncontact sensors. This technology was adapted for label sensors in 1995 when no other technology could detect clear labels.

For more information visit or contact Lion Precision at:

Lion Precision
563 Shoreview Park Rd.
St. Paul, MN 55126 USA

Mark Kretschmar
Lion Precision
Communication Manager
fax 651-484-6824

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