New Valve Body Options for DSVP11 Dispensing Valve

Deltrol Controls has released new valve body options for their DSVP11 liquid dispensing valve. The DSVP11 will now be available with following new valve body options:

o Right Angle flow with G1/2 threads on the inlet and outlet ports

o Inline flow with barb fittings on the inlet and outlet ports

Liquid Dispensing Valves are 2-way, direct-acting valves used to control the flow of low-pressure (<3 psi) water. Typical applications are beverage equipment, ice-making equipment, and floor scrubber equipment. In addition to the new valve body options; Deltrol also offers the following coil termination options:

o Deutsch DT04-2P (IP-69 rating)

o ISO 4400 - DIN 43650 form A (IP-67 rating)

o Lead Wires (Connectors can be installed onto the wires)

o Spade Terminals

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