New TTII Peak-Performance Pads for Side and Base Drainage Systems

Press Release Summary:

  • TTII Peak-Performance Pad is a moisture conducting, non-absorbent, geo-composite shock pad made from polyolefin materials
  • TTII Peak-Performance Grid can be reused two to three times without compromise and then 100% recycled
  • TTII Peak-Performance Clips decrease the risk of wind negatively impacting the installation process

Original Press Release:

TTII Is Pleased to Announce The Introduction of TTII Peak-performance Grid & TTII Peak-performance 14mm, 19mm, 25mm Pads & Clips

Vancouver, B.C., June 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Target Technologies International Inc. is pleased to announce the most recent additions to our line-up of quality products.

Peak-Performance Base Grid is a polyolefin structural grid designed to strengthen and enhance free poured (concrete) while offering superior flexibility and expansion and contraction capabilities. It replaces a significant amount of base aggregate as well as greatly reduces installation time from average of 21 days for a traditional 12" aggregate base down to just 3 days. With traditional base materials, degradation can happen over time impairing proper percolation. Not an issue with Peak-Performance Base Grid. Peak-Performance Grid can be reused two to three times without compromise and then 100% recycled. Panels are 3'x4' and 40mm in thickness.

TTII Peak-Performance Pad is a patented moisture conducting, non-absorbent, geo-composite shock pad made from polyolefin materials. Peak-Performance Pad is available in 14mm, 19mm, 25mm 4'x6' panels in solid core for side drainage systems (lateral drainage) and perforated core for base drainage systems (vertical and horizontal drainage). The channeled panels allow for superior rain-fall evacuation while providing enhanced G-MAX performance without changing the ball-action or feel under-foot. Proper installation of the Peak-Performance Pad system reduces G-Max by up to 50 points. The pads offer the desired HIC (head impact criteria) desired for applications that owners, specification writers and players expect for their safety.

Peak-Performance Pad Clips - the integrity of the system's expansion and contraction capabilities is maintained by the use of the clip system which holds the Peak-Performance Pad in place during the installation of the turf system. The clips also decreases the risk of wind negatively impacting the installation process. The clip allows each individual pad to naturally react to changing temperature and humidity conditions while assuring the turf installation team is able to perform on a secure monolithic work surface.

John B. Giraud, Managing Director of TTII who has been involved in the synthetic turf industry for 48 years states,

"In systems where base and shock-pad are required, the combination of our Peak-Performance Grid and 25mm Peak-Performance Pad is unbeatable. Based on our testing, the 14mm and 19mm pads excel, however the 25mm pad is a stand-alone product that can be used for any and all applications. Combine the grid and the 25 mm pad and you have a power-duo system. Say goodbye to significant turf creepage or shrinkage issues and give yourself peace of mind with a safe product that will stand the test of time. I appreciate the evolution of the industry and understand the importance of what goes under the field. The safety of players of all ages comes first. We have done our due diligence in research and reviewing comprehensive testing to back-up our statements and literature. TTII is a leader in infills and we will be a leader in base construction shock pads."

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A member of the QUIKRETE™ Group of Companies, Target Technologies International Inc. is a leading supplier of environmentally friendly products, services and logistics solutions to the synthetic sports turf industry.

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