New Trifecta-SSD RAID Modules are Available in 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 TB Capacities

Press Release Summary:

  • Feature 8-SSD architecture that eliminates the glitches and performance degradation during sustained sequential write operations
  • Support up to 7 GB/sec sequential read/write performance and up to 64 TB in a single PXIe hybrid or CPCIe slot
  • Ideal for advanced wideband RF, spectrum, and sensor record and playback applications

Original Press Release:

TEVET and RADX Introduce New Trifecta-SSD 32 and 64 TB Single-Slot, COTS PXIe SSD RAID Modules

New modules support up to 7 GB/sec sequential read/write performance and up to 64 TB per slot, supporting advanced wideband RF, spectrum, and sensor record and playback applications.

GREENEVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- TEVET, a premium test and measurement (T&M) supplier and RADX Technologies®, an industry leading developer of modular, COTS, T&M solutions, today announced new 32 and 64 TB Trifecta-SSD™ COTS PXIe SSD RAID modules. The new models are the first NVMe SSD RAID modules supporting up to 7 GB/sec sequential read/write performance and up to 64 TB in a single PXIe hybrid or CPCIe slot. Manufactured in the USA by RADX and distributed exclusively by TEVET, Trifecta-SSD modules are available in 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 TB capacities, with pricing that is typically over 2x more cost effective than other SSD RAID modules.

The new modules bring dramatically increased storage capabilities to PXIe-based systems for wideband single- and multi-channel T&M applications where high-fidelity signal recording and playback provide essential design, validation, and verification capabilities, including:

  • Advanced WiFi, 4G, and 5G MIMO silicon and systems
  • Phased-array RADAR
  • Electronic Warfare (EW)
  • Autonomous vehicle sensor processing systems

New benchmarks for capacity, performance, and price in PXIe SSD RAID modules
A high-fidelity 1 GHz RF signal results in 5 GB/sec or about 18 TB of data per hour. Historically, this level of data capacity and bandwidth required an external RAID system, adding cost and complexity while increasing T&M system size, weight and power (SWaP).

The new Trifecta-SSD models store up to 64 TB in a single-slot PXIe module - which reduces SWaP and which can easily be removed and secured for classified applications. Trifecta-SSD modules typically save users up to 200% in price per TB when compared to external RAID subsystems or other SSD RAID modules.

In addition, Trifecta-SSD 32 and 64 TB modules feature a unique 8-SSD architecture, which eliminates the "glitches" and performance degradation during sustained sequential write operations exhibited by 4-SSD RAID modules that rely on NVMe SSD write caches for enhanced sequential write performance.

"Trifecta-SSD provides an effective and scalable solution for implementing new PXIe-based systems or upgrading existing systems with RAID subsystems facing obsolescence," said Ross Q. Smith, CEO and co-founder of RADX. "Trifecta-SSD is the only single-slot SSD RAID solution that scales to 64 TB per slot and can truly replace external RAID solutions without compromising performance or capacity."

TEVET customers gain a distinct competitive advantage
TEVET is committed to procuring complete, reliable solutions for customers quickly and efficiently. By partnering with leading industry instrumentation developers like RADX, TEVET can help engineers using PXIe solutions for collecting and analyzing wideband signals.

"Our customers work with demanding, mission-critical applications, and need readily-available, reliable, streamlined technology," said Tracy Solomon, CEO of TEVET. "With Trifecta-SSD, customers now can record 16 times more data."

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Pricing and availability
Pricing for the Trifecta-SSD PXIe-8M.2F-32 32 TB PXIe SSD RAID modules begins at $21,999 with Extended Endurance 32 TB Modules at $24,999 and 64 TB Modules at $34,999.

Trifecta-SSD modules are typically available with 30-day lead time.

About TEVET 
Selecting and acquiring the right technology to meet specific challenges requires a partner that can add value at every step. TEVET brings more than 15 years of experience to the acquisition of technical products, systems, and instrumentation - with support from identification to sustainment. With competencies in quality, technology, and personnel, TEVET provides best-in-class acquisition strategies, so customers, suppliers, and partners are successful. TEVET strives to execute at the highest levels, providing service to Country, Customer, and Community.

About RADX 
RADX is a small business provider of COTS T&M and SDR solutions, including Trifecta-SSD and the award-winning, LibertyGT family of integrated, modular, COTS, software-defined, synthetic, real-time, and RF T&M solutions for spectrum analysis and multi-channel synchronized RF record and playback applications – also distributed by TEVET, LLC.

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