New Tool to Quote Preparedness for Joint Commission Audit for Temperature Monitoring

New Tool to Quote Preparedness for Joint Commission Audit for Temperature Monitoring

ADDISON, Texas, – FreshLoc Technologies, Inc., inventor of wireless temperature monitoring in healthcare has created a new "Quick Quote" tool to prepare you for Joint Commission audits. Quick Quote leads purchasing and supply chain managers expertly to see fair value in both product and services for the most fast to install, scalable environmental monitoring system worldwide.

FreshLoc's Quick Quote program draws on 17 years of experience with environmental monitoring. In under a minute, Quick Quote assists supply chain professionals to quickly identify fair value in automated temperature monitoring, even if you are just considering a system.  Quick Quote also connects you to experts to rapidly inform you on ease of installation for long term best practices.  While wireless cloud based temperature monitoring eases your audits by Joint Commission, it also empowers you with information at your fingertips without IT knowledge or involvement. 

A factor contributing to the quickness of the Quick Quote Tool is FreshLoc's pricing structure, which is the most efficient in the industry. FreshLoc can price like no other for two reasons: it has set best practices in the industry, and it owns both its cloud and its technology. Few can pass on this efficiency to you. 

"We developed the Quick Quote Tool to enable busy purchasing managers to make better decisions and to help healthcare organizations prepare for the Joint Commission audit," says Rik Heller, Chairman of FreshLoc and Wello Inc.

About FreshLoc Technologies® Inc.

Since 1999 FreshLoc has been helping hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, imaging centers and food operations comply with regulations to protect the people they serve. FreshLoc was the first Wireless Temperature Monitoring Company to offer industry wide compliant reporting and documentation. Today FreshLoc, through its FreshNet™ Cloud, processes more than 26 million measurements daily for our clients. FreshLoc deployed the first commercially available wireless sensory cloud in more than 1200 sites nationwide. FreshLoc's subsidiary, Wello an innovator in reducing disease spread and increasing patient safety.

About Wello Inc. 

The WelloStation® provides organizations with a quick, automated, no-touch body temperature screening tool for employees, visitors, suppliers and all others who enter their facilities. Measurement data is stored in the HIPAA compliant WelloCloud® storage system for compliance and reporting purposes. Stop contagions from entering your facility with fever screening. Wello Inc. is a subsidiary of FreshLoc, pioneer in patient safety through temperature monitoring systems.

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