New Thief Hatch with Anodized Vacuum Pallet for Corrosion Resistance

Press Release Summary:

  • Series 3908 thief hatch comprises oversized step pad allowing for hands-free operation
  • Includes lightweight, non-sparking aluminum cast cover for simple installation, operation and maintenance
  • Contains integrated gauging hook located on the base for suspending gauge apparatus

Original Press Release:

Press Release: Better Vapor Control Solutions Equal Better EPA Compliance with Protectoseal’s Series 3908 Thief Hatch

Bensenville, IL – October 23, 2019 -- The Protectoseal Company is proud to announce the release of their new Series 3908 Pressure and Vacuum Relief Thief Hatch, available for immediate order.

The explosive growth of shale oil and gas development has created demands that are not currently being adequately satisfied by existing suppliers. Meeting stringent EPA regulations, managing product loss through emissions as well as achieving high service level requirements are some of the key concerns associated with this industry.

The Series 3908 strives to address all of these concerns. Precision lapping of the valve seat ensures the best possible sealing characteristics resulting in a maximum allowable leakage rate of no more than 1 SCFH at 90% of pressure and vacuum set points. The Series 3908 is designed to deliver impressive flow performance, as validated through testing established under API 2000 / ISO 28300 guidelines. Each thief hatch is serialized for traceability, tested and shipped with its own performance certificate.

Ease of operation and low maintenance is achieved through the careful integration of thoughtful design and material selection. Key functions of this product includes:

  1. Precision lapped valve seat for exceptional sealing capabilities.
  2. Lightweight, non-sparking aluminum cast cover for easy installation, operation and maintenance.
  3. High quality 316 S.S. hardware (bearings, hinges, pins, etc.) for increased durability.
  4. Anodized vacuum pallet for improved corrosion resistance.
  5. Selection of spring and gasket materials available to accommodate specific application requirements.
  6. Oversized step pad allowing for hands-free operation.
  7. Lockdown feature used with either a padlock or lockout safety pin to prevent unintended access to the tank.
  8. Integrated gauging hook located on the base for suspending gauge apparatus.

In addition to our main manufacturing facility located in Bensenville, Illinois, Protectoseal has added a satellite facility in Porter, Texas to enhance our service levels to our customers in the oil patches.

The Protectoseal Company has been providing proven vapor and flame control solutions to industry’s real world problems for over 90 years. Contact us to find out about our complete line of equipment that includes pressure and vacuum vents, emergency vents, tank blanketing valves as well as flame and detonation arresters.

To request more information on Protectoseal’s Series 3908 visit at:

The Protectoseal Company
225 W. Foster Avenue, Bensenville, IL 60106 U.S.A
Phone: 630-595-0800

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