New Thermal Printer Series for Point-of-Sale Applications

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The optimum driver/firmware technology combined FP-2000 series provides fast data throughput and printing. It accepts paper thickness ranging 53-85 microns and uses a low 0.9W power consumption. The print speed is up to 400mm/second and has the ability to re-print. Other capabilities include an anti-curl paper function, dual print mode (180dpi and 203dpi), and compressed printing. 

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Fujitsu Next-Generation FP-2000 Thermal Printers Combine High Performance and Cost Efficiency

Offer fast throughput, greyscale printing, low operating costs for Point of Sale uses

San Jose, Calif - October 24, 2018 - Fujitsu Components America has expanded its standalone thermal printer offering with the new FP-2000 series. Ten percent smaller than the FP-1000 series, the FP-2000 series provides enhanced data throughput, ultra-fast printing and features that reduce operating costs, making it a high-performance, cost-efficient printer for a variety of Point-of-Sale applications. 

Fujitsu designed the FP-2000 series to accept a wide range of paper thicknesses, 53-85 microns. Using a 53 micron paper thickness can reduce paper consumption by as much as 30%. In addition, the printer’s low, 0.9W power consumption (standby mode) further reduces operating costs. 

The optimum driver/firmware technology combined with print speeds of up to 400mm/second allows for ultra-fast throughput, as quick as 2.06 seconds (the speed from pushing “Enter” to the end of 1 printed receipt, 250mm in length). 

16-level greyscale printing can be achieved using a Fujitsu-developed algorithm, which analyses the picture and determines how to print it using 16 different intensities for each pixel, all while only reducing the print speed by around 20%. This capability enables broader applications, including:

  • Retail checkout, coupons and other offers can be printed on the receipt at checkout.
  • Boarding passes can have a picture of the passenger for additional security.
  • Temporary entry badges can be more secure with a picture quickly printed on them.
  • Gaming, where coupons of winnings are issued to reduce the amount of cash being handled.

This feature-rich printer series also includes the ability to re-print, a black mark sensor, an anti-curl paper function, dual print mode (180dpi and 203dpi), compressed printing, and is backward compatible with similar products in the market through software emulation. 

In addition to the industry-standard RS232, LAN, wireless LAN, and USB interfaces, the optional Bluetooth® interface is compatible with both iOS and non-IOS products via a simple software setting. 

Fujitsu’s FP-2000 family consists of three versions: the flagship ultra-high-speed FP-2200 with print speeds of up to 400mm/s; the mid-range, 300mm/s FP-2100; and the entry-level, 230mm/s FP-2000. Fujitsu also offers a variety of printer mechanisms for additional OEM designs.

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