New TFT Display Features 800 x 480 Pixel Resolution

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  • Benefits include improvements to EMC with built-in EMI shielding
  • Built-in ST7262 driver IC and 24-bit RGB interface
  • Offers sunlight readable with high brightness backlight

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New Product Release of 5� IPS TFT Displays at Newhaven Display

Elgin, IL | June 27, 2022 - Newhaven Display International, Inc. announces the release of two new 5.0” TFT LCD Display products with IPS technology.

Newhaven Display releases two new 5.0” TFT displays with In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology to their growing LCD product line. With this advanced display technology, electrodes are arranged in such a way that the liquid crystals inside the display rotate in parallel with the screen, rather than twisting and standing upright like with Twisted Nematic (TN) technology. IPS Displays offer truer color reproduction, full viewing angles, better contrast, and sunlight readable screens due to their brighter backlights. In addition, they show consistent, accurate color from any angle, and do not lighten or have tailing when touched, making them ideal for use in touchscreen devices.

These new 5.0” IPS displays have 800x480 pixel resolution and offer a replacement option to the TN models due to their similar mechanical footprint, pinout, and backward compatible software. The added benefits of the new5” IPS TFTs include improvements to EMC with built-in EMI shielding on a better FPC design, in addition to the superior IPS technology. The two models offer a different touchscreen option: capacitive or without a touchscreen. These IPS LCD displays are all RoHS compliant, include a built-in ST7262 driver IC and 24-bit RGB interface.


  • 800 x 480pxResolution
  • Sunlight Readable with High Brightness Backlight
  • Full Viewing Angles
  • 24-Bit RGB Interface
  • Capacitive Touchscreen or No-Touch Option
  • Built-in ST7262 Driver IC
  • Better EMC with Built-in EMI Shielding
  • Improved FPC Design
  • Compatible with 5.0” TN TFT Models

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