New! Teflon ® Lined Tips

Techcon Systems is pleased to announce the addition of the new Teflon lined series tip to its product family. Teflon lined tips are ideal for use with low viscosity fluids and Cyanoacrylates (super glue) material. Benefits of using this new tip include resist
Cyanoacrylate clogging and prevent damage to substrates.

Teflon lined series tip features a double helix Polypropylene color hub and a rigid Teflon crimped lining that projects approximately 1/8" from the inside of a stainless steel tube.


o Prevent Cyanoacrylate clogging

o Prevent damage to substrates

o Compatible with wide range of fluids

o Industrial grade safe to 100 psi

o Silicone free materials

o Precision crimp to Teflon tube

o Double helix luer lock hubs

Conveniently available in both bulk quantity and packs of 50 pieces, the Teflon lined series tip is available for ordering starting March 9, 2009 with standard lead time of 14 days.

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