New Technology from Momentive Performance Materials Focuses on Fastest Growing Trends in Personal Care Products

ALBANY, N.Y. - Momentive Performance Materials Inc., a leading global provider of silicones and advanced materials, focused on some of the fastest growing trends in personal care products with new additive technology exhibited at NYSCC Suppliers' Day in Edison, New Jersey, May 15-16. These trends include enhanced color protection, as more and more consumers with different hair types are coloring their hair; advanced thermal protection, as the popularity of thermal hair styling continues to grow; more effective sun protection, with continued consumer concern over the harmful effects of ultraviolet light; and improved sustainability, with increasing consumer interest in products that have minimized or eliminated the use of such ingredients as parabens and ethylene oxide.

Momentive's celebrated history of innovation in personal care technology traces back more than 25 years with the introduction of the first commercialized silicone for 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner in 1986. Since then, the company has helped many of the personal care industry's leading brands bring competitively differentiated products to market that address key consumer preferences in hair care, sun care, skin care and color cosmetics.

"Over the years, the science behind feeling beautiful has grown increasingly complex, as the range of benefits offered to consumers has become more diversified and personal care products themselves becoming more versatile or more specialized," said David Cohon, Global Marketing Director, Personal Care, Momentive Performance Materials. "At Momentive, our job is to help our customers continually create and feed consumer demand by providing additives that help their formulations do more. It's hard for consumers to see, but there's a lot of science that goes into helping them look and feel their best. And because these are consumer products, formulators want to work with companies they can trust - companies, such as Momentive, that have been in the business for years and have the global bandwidth to develop and deliver products anywhere they are needed."

Recent product introductions that offer some of the most sought-after product performance and processing benefits are highlighted below.

o Silsoft* AX-E conditioning agent - can promote excellent thermal and color protection in hair products, as well as smoothness and shine without greasiness.

o Silsoft Q PF cationic silicone terpolymer - can help enhance volume and body while providing outstanding softness to the hair.

o SME253 PF amine functional silicone microemulsion - can help hair care products deliver excellent conditioning in addition to color protection.

o SilForm* 60-A emulsifier - can act as a highly stabilizing water-in-oil (W/O) emulsifier for a broad spectrum of oils. Through a significantly higher concentration of polyether silicone copolymer than standard products of this type, this emulsifier can achieve high levels of actives in a gentler carrier, while improving wash-off resistance and remaining aesthetically pleasing.

o SilForm EOF emulsion - is manufactured without the use of ethylene oxide (EO) and propylene oxide (PO). Formulators can use this EO-free, W/O emulsifier at low usage levels to formstable emulsions with many cosmetic oils.

o SilForm FR-10/SilForm FR-5 fluids - can be used to help form a highly flexible film on the surface of the skin for typically longer lasting comfort, greater water and oil resistance and extended durability in sun care, skin care and color cosmetics formulations.

For more information about Momentive's solutions for the personal care industry, please call 800.295.2392 in North America (+1 614 986 2495 everywhere else), email or visit

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