New Syringe Manufacturing System Multiplies the Productivity of Automated Assembly Processes

Press Release Summary:

  • Features SymphoniTM technology that will figure prominently in these syringe manufacturing systems
  • All movements are mapped out and synchronized through symphony of motion technique
  • Ideal for urgent, time-sensitive programs such as Operation Warp Speed to rapid deployment and scalable replication

Original Press Release:

ATS Receives Order for COVID-19 Vaccine Syringe Manufacturing Line, Introduces Symphoni™

CAMBRIDGE, ON, Sept. 14, 2020 /CNW/ - ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. (TSX: ATA) ("ATS" or the "Company"), an industry-leading automation solutions provider, today announced it has received a $20 million Order Booking from a medical device manufacturer to design, build, and deliver several automated safety syringe manufacturing systems that will feature the Company's new, high-performance SymphoniTM technology. The program will be completed over the next 10 months and will enable the production of safety syringes to meet potential demand related to COVID-19 vaccine production. 

"Our teams remain focused on helping manufacturers address the critical need for medical equipment brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic," said Andrew Hider, Chief Executive Officer of ATS. "ATS' involvement in this critical program highlights our significant capabilities in life sciences and our ability to quickly enable manufacturers to scale production at the highest levels of quality demanded in the medical device industry through advanced technologies including Symphoni, our latest innovation."

This program is related to the US Government's Operation Warp Speed which seeks to increase the ability to produce safety needles and syringes in the United States. This effort is critical to meet anticipated demand as existing supplies are consumed in routine healthcare and to treat the surge of COVID-19 patients. ATS' Symphoni technology is ideal for urgent, time-sensitive programs such as Operation Warp Speed because its standardized, modular construction lends itself to rapid deployment and scalable replication.

ATS' patented Symphoni technology will figure prominently in these syringe manufacturing systems. Symphoni is an innovative, high-performance digital manufacturing technology that multiplies the productivity of automated assembly processes by eliminating non-value-added production time. The high degree of standardization, modular building blocks and plug-and-play nature means Symphoni systems are versatile, multi-purpose production assets, having the flexibility to adapt to new products and new processes throughout their useful life. Because a Symphoni system is digital and 100% programmable, all movements are precisely mapped out and synchronized through a technique known as electronic gearing resulting in a "symphony of motion". Symphoni's disruptive combination of high-speed, high-precision, and configurable flexibility heralds a revolution in automated assembly. It perfectly meets the manufacturing demands of high-volume consumables such as syringes because it assembles them at very high rates in a compact footprint while assuring compliance to the medical device industry's rigid quality standards.

About ATS
ATS is an industry-leading automation solutions provider to many of the world's most successful companies. ATS uses its extensive knowledge base and global capabilities in custom automation, repeat automation, automation products and value-added services, including pre-automation and aftersales services, to address the sophisticated manufacturing automation systems and service needs of multinational customers in markets such as life sciences, chemicals, consumer products, electronics, food, beverage, transportation, energy, and oil and gas. Founded in 1978, ATS employs approximately 4,400 people at 22 manufacturing facilities and over 50 offices in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and China. The Company's shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol ATA. Visit the Company's website at

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