New Superior Wolfram Carbide Coatings

Mytec, a world leader in the manufacturing of fully braised, rupture proof
construction hydraulic expansion clamping tooling, is pleased to announce the
usage of Wolfram carbide coatings for their chucks and arbors.

The advantages this coating brings are:
o extreme holding power with a minimum amount of expansion.
o sleeve hardness of 72-Rockwell to greatly decrease wear.
o coating can be applied only on expansion area to decrease costs.

New Harder, Wear-Resistent, Ultra-Precision CHACO Master Gears by Frenco:

Introducing a new generation of chamfered coated master gears enabling you to
carry out single and double flank gear rolling inspection as part of an integrated
process within production-saving both time and money.

o CHACO is the first master gear with premium quality tip chamfers
optimizing gearing qualities and preventing master gear damage.
o CHACO offers protection against wear; tool steel with innovative coating
stands the test of time with minimum wear caused by sliding friction.
Corrosion protection is guaranteed.
o CHACO master gears now provide manufacturing tolerances meeting all
exacting demands placed on modern master gears. Tolerances selected with
DIN standards in mind guarantee the very best in coated master gears.

For more information contact:
Euro-Tech Corporation, exclusive North American Mytec distributor, at:
Tel: 262-781-6777
Fax: 262-781-2822

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