New Stretch Wrap Line Introduced

Greenville, SC: Louis P. Batson Company recently introduced their newest product line...packaging and shipping supplies. These supplies include STEELFLEX Xtreme stretch films, stretch wrap machinery, cornerboards, custom-made bags and tape.

STEELFLEX Xtreme is a 7-layer high performance cast stretch film. Manufactured with state-of-the-art 7-layer extrusion equipment, this film utilizes the latest in resin technology and was specifically created for high speed, automatic equipment. It features exceptional puncture resistance.

Additional films to choose from include STEELFLEX cast hand stretch film, BANDFLEX stretch banding film, STEELFLEX extended core stretch film and STEELFLEX colored stretch film in black, blue, green and red.

Our MACH 1 stretch wrap machinery line features high and low profile semiautomatic models. Other features include:

o Adjustable turntable rotation speeds between 12-14 RPMs

o Maximum load weight of 4,000 pounds

o Maximum load size of 56" wide x 56" long x 80-86" high

o Warranty of 1 to 5 years depending on model purchased.

Cornerboards are available in more than 100 sizes. Stocked cornersboards can be shipped quickly anywhere in the country. Or, have cornerboards made-to-order and shipped in less than 2 weeks. Pallet covers, furniture bags, box liners, drum and can liners are examples of our line of custom bags.

Finally, we can offer industrial acrylic tape as well as hot melt tape with a premium grade adhesive. Printed and printable tape is also available.

For sixty years and three generations, family-owned Louis P. Batson Company, and its affiliates Batson Group, Inc and Louis P. Batson Incorporated, has been a provider of industrial capital equipment, machinery accessories, spare parts, plant supplies and technical service to the textile, converting, nonwoven and plastic industries.

For more product information, please contact Rick Childress at 864-242-5262 (x241) or by e-mail at

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