New SpectraLock Optical Monitoring System Minimizes Need for Pre-Casting Test Runs

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The SpectraLock Optical Monitoring System is designed for in-situ monitoring and disposition rate control that produces single- and multi-layered thin films. This system produces optical coatings to the precise specifications of original optical design. The SpectraLock calibrates exact refractive index dispersion of each optical material and process used.

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Advanced Optical Monitoring System Precisely Matches Optical Coating to Its Design, Every Time

Apple Valley, Calif. - August 20, 2018 - Eddy Company, (, experts in optical monitoring systems for over 35 years, announces an innovative optical monitoring system with exceptional precision and unmatched thin-film reproduction capabilities. The SpectraLock Optical Monitoring System provides in-situ monitoring and deposition rate control to produce single- and multi-layered thin films with exacting accuracy, time after time, without iteration or error. Eddy Company’s advanced system produces optical coatings to the precise specifications of the original optical design because of its index dispersion enhanced optical monitoring (IDEM) features.

Fred Praudisch, coating manager for ZC&R Coatings for Optics, notes, “SpectraLock is a significant time and cost-saving tool for optical monitoring because it minimizes the need for pre-coating test runs. In our facility, we’ve found that testing to confirm that the coating matches its design can be done just once after processing is complete, rather than the conventional and more time-consuming method of testing at multiple steps along the way.”

Eddy Co. President Wayne Rodgers adds, “Two fundamental properties define the full spectrum optical properties of a transparent coating: its thickness and its refractive index dispersion. We have developed a system that calibrates the exact refractive index dispersion for each optical material and process used. This allows the SpectraLock to precisely measure the optical thickness during coating. Once in place, our field-proven SpectraLock System ensures that even complex optical thin-film coatings match their optical design with ultra-accuracy and unsurpassed repeatability from the very first layer deposited.”

Using SpectraLock, a single test run can confirm that the coating matches its design, instead of the traditional method of performing multiple test runs until a coating iteration comes close to matching the design.

To learn more about Eddy Company’s advanced optical monitoring system, please visit: To download the brochure/datasheet for SpectraLock 2012A, please click here:


EDDY COMPANY – - For over 35 years, Eddy Company has developed specialized solutions for production of complex precision optical coatings, including bandpass filters, beamsplitters, and lasers. The company’s continued quest for more accurate control of optical coatings led to the recent development of the SL-2012A SpectraLock optical monitor. The latest product features exceptional precision and a revolutionary ability to deposit thin layers using index dispersion enhanced monitoring (IDEM). The company is committed to providing intuitive interfaces and ease of operation for their precision optical monitoring products.

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