NEW Special Coated Brush Holders

NEW, special coated brush holders for use in contaminated environments typical in some industrial plants.

Option available on all types of brush holders

Milwaukee, WI - Helwig Carbon is pleased to announce a new coated brush holder for harsh industrial environments. This option is available on all types of brush holders. According to Christopher Eiteljorge, Electrical Engineer with Steel Dynamics "Prior to joining the department in 2010, our Pickle Line DC motors used GE brush boxes and Helwig Carbon Red Top brushes. At that time, it was commonplace to be changing brushes and brush boxes on some of our more problematic motors up to once every month due to the Hydrochloric Acid fumes experienced on a Pickle Line. Since implementing the Helwig Carbon special coated holders on these motors we have seen a significant decrease in frequency of brush and brush holder changes.

In mid-2010, our Tension Reel A motor consisted of standard GE uncoated holders with Helwig Carbon Red Top brushes while our Tension Reel B motor consisted of Helwig Carbon coated brush holders with silver plated hardware and Helwig Carbon Red Top brushes. All of the brushes and holders were installed at the same time. Doing monthly inspections over the course of one year, every single GE brush holder had to be replaced before a single Helwig Carbon special coated holder was replaced. The special coating and silver plating provided enough resistance to the HCI atmosphere that the brushes could slide freely in their holders.

With the results that we have seen with the in-service testing described above, I plan on working with Bill Fleming from Horner Industrial Services, Inc. in Indianapolis, IN on a large order of Helwig Carbon special coated brush boxes with a goal of replacing the brush boxes in all of our problematic motors and stocking spares for each as well."

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