New Solid Silicone Helps Reduce Buckling Issues

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  • Available in 20A, 30A, and 40A durometers with benefit of low closure force and thin gauge
  • Performs in temperatures from -70°F to 450°F

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Stockwell Elastomerics Announces ESS4772 Ultra-Thin Platinum Cured Silicone Sheets Now Available

Stockwell Elastomerics announces the availability of ESS4722, a new product family of ultra-thin platinum cured solid silicone.

Philadelphia, PA, Aug 9, 2022 – Stockwell Elastomerics announces the availability of ESS4722, a new product family of ultra-thin platinum cured solid silicone. It is immediately available in 20A, 30A, and 40A durometer. Due to the significant demand for high performance silicone products, Stockwell Elastomerics developed this product with design engineering customers in the advanced/emerging technology sector in mind.

These materials offer the performance properties expected in silicone, with the added benefit of low closure force and thin gauge. Design and manufacturing engineers seeking a soft, resilient gasket material that performs well in temperatures from -70°F to 450°F benefit from these thin solid silicone products. Engineers seeking last-minute solutions with minimal design changes will appreciate the thinner options as well. The low durometer of these materials help reduce buckling issues, often preventing the need for expensive enclosure/bolt pattern changes.

Stockwell Elastomerics developed ESS4722 solid silicone for customers with last minute design issues in mind, though these products work in any space constrained design when reliability is paramount. There materials are capable of IP-67 level sealing with the proper housing design. Due to the longevity and compression set resistance of silicone, enclosures can be open/closed over the life of the product without concern of seal failure. Stockwell Elastomerics can also provide this ESS4722 material with a high performance silicone or fully acrylic adhesive as an assembly aid if desired.

Customers may request complimentary sample swatches of solid silicone with or without adhesive to evaluate. The ESS4722 sample request form and availability chart can be accessed online at

“This ESS4722 platinum cured solid silicone product will help many engineers solve complex sealing, cushioning, and other design problems,” said Dan Shanahan, Director of Applications Engineering. “Its immediate availability and our strong inventory position will help buyers and companies dealing with supply chain issues.”

Three different durometers of low durometer ESS4722 platinum-cured, high consistency rubber (HCR) solid silicone have been selected for the current offering:

  • ESS4722-20 – 20A durometer, black, with low oil migration. Used in low closure force applications. Available in thicknesses from 0.010” – 0.093”. Can be provided in various configurations with a variety of adhesives.
  • ESS4722-30 – 30A durometer, off-white. Available in thicknesses from 0.010” – 0.093”.
  • ESS4722-40 – 40A durometer, translucent (unpigmented). Used when needing to see through the material is important. Available in thicknesses from 0.010” – 0.093”.

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