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CHESTERLAND OH - CAS DataLoggers and Brainchild announce a new software upgrade for the popular Brainchild Paperless Chart Recorders. Many businesses and laboratories continue to rely on outdated paper chart recorders for monitoring temperature and other values in their machines and processes, but finding all this data on hard copy is time-consuming and difficult to file and archive. Now Brainchild users can visualize their data on an integrated display to instantly check it in real time and get instant alerts, saving them all the extra time and labor costs while improving their data accessibility.

These data loggers connect to a PC via Ethernet cable allowing users to access the Brainchild's FREE software, allowing for streaming live data or downloading the data to an Excel spreadsheet to further manipulate the information for reports and assignments.

The Brainchild's built-in display allows users to get a clear review of their data on its high-resolution 6.4" VGA Color LCD display (true VGA, 640x480 pixels) with flexible screen configuration and multiple display formats. Featuring 6 or 18 analog inputs for measuring voltage, current, thermocouples or RTDs, these dataloggers provide useful information for lab experiments such as heating various liquids at a variety of volumes. Convenient soft function keys enable convenient navigation including scrolling back to review historical trends. The chart recorders also offer 6 user-configurable plug and play I/O card slots.

Brainchild dataloggers support a fast sampling rate within 200msec for all analog channels at high accuracy and also boast several mathematical and programmable capabilities including statistics with instant, average, and min/max values. The Brainchild also features digital I/O cards, while Ethernet and optional RS-232/RS-422/RS485 communication enable users to access data onsite from a remote location via the RS serial interface or Ethernet networking. The Brainchild's data retention is specified at a minimum of 10 years with zero power data retention.

Users can store their data on a remote host PC for data evaluation and printout, on Flash ROM, or on the removable Compact Flash memory card's 128MB standard storage space. It's equally simple to setup the recorder's configurable alarms and messages to get instant notification of high levels of temperature and other critical events-this helps ensure that processes are completed at the correct parameters. The device lists all alarm records clearly with useful information and also reminds users of the alarm status in different colors. Users can browse through the alarm list or acknowledge alarms easily via function keys on the vertical bar.

For further information on the Brainchild 6- or 18-Channel Paperless Chart Recorders for your process monitoring, research project or classroom, or to find the ideal solution for your real-time monitoring and alarming needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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