New Software from Laser Photonics Makes Information Retrieval More Efficient for Laser Marking

Lake Mary, FL., Feb. 5 2009 Laser Photonics announced today a new automation utility for its FiberScan C3 software. Proprietary software used to run its laser marking systems. This new addition allows any machine running FiberScan C3 to retrieve data from an SQL server and make the data available for laser marking activities. Unlike database software used for marking in the past, this utility is unique because the SQL server performs data manipulation on a separate computer away from the laser system itself. During a laser marking cycle of a FiberScan C3 job, the utility can be triggered to run a particular configuration that defines the source location of the SQL server data and the destination server FiberScanC3.

For example, a firearms parts manufacturer will have to laser mark thousands of parts with various information (company, date, serial #), to meet ATF standards. Using this new utility, it only takes a few steps to mark, register and confirm the task.

Process Details:

Step 1: The laser job for the part executes

Step 2: The laser job runs to the SQL utility

Step 3: The SQL utility attaches to the ATF database a retrieves the relevant

Step 3: information

Step 4: The laser mark is completed and confirmed

Step 5: The laser job runs the SQL utility to confirm the mark. Triggering the SQL

Step 5: Server to reconfigure (updates) the database for the next job to begin.

The SQL commands can be a common "select statement", execution of an SQL "stored procedure", or a fully formed "SQL command statement"

This utility is most commonly used with the FiberTowerT Series.

Benefits of SQL Date Retrieval Utility:

o Can be used on any marking application

o SQL Server performs all tasks

o Fully tested on Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005

o Affordable

Laser Photonics is proud of this new utility and is confident it will be an added benefit to anyone who is currently or planning on using FiberScan C3 laser marking system and needing database retrieval software.

This utility is now available and for more information please contact Laser Photonics at 407-829-2613 or

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