New Single-axis Linear Stepper Stages Features 1.0-micron Resolution Encoder

Press Release Summary:

  • STS-1220-AP3 powers the stage and generates force of 11.0 lbs with 31.0 in stroke length
  • Can operate as a 2-phase brushless linear motor when coupled with a state-of-the-art motion control
  • Working at high speed lead to cable fatigue and failure

Original Press Release:

Closed-Loop LSS Series

The Closed-Loop Linear Stepper Stage is a revolutionary new series of single-axis linear stepper stages that integrates a linear encoder into the single-axis linear stepper motor stage to operate the linear stepper motor as a 2-phase brushless linear motor when coupled with a state-of-the-art motion control electronics package provided by H2W. When operated this way, the motors will tend to run cooler as they will only draw the current needed to hold the desired position or make the desired move.

The H2W linear stepper motor STS-1220-AP3 powers the stage and generates a force of 11.0 lbs [48.8 N] with a total stroke length of 31.0in [788mm] and integrated air bearings maintain the required motor air gap. The customer must supply 60-80 PSI of filtered compressed air for proper operation of the stage. 

The integrated 1.0-micron resolution encoder works with the control package to operate the stepper motor as a two-phase brushless linear motor, which generates higher speeds, also allows for precise positioning. 

Operating at high speeds could lead to cable fatigue and failure. As mitigation from fatigue, the forcer and stage have a high flex power cable and cable carrier for protection against fatigue and failure. Some provisions allow the routing of customer cables within the cable carrier. 

Custom mounting holes on the moving table are available upon request at no additional charge.

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