New Signal Combiner with 6x6 Matrix of Input/output Combining Options

Press Release Summary:

  • Allows multiple wireless carriers to be combined onto common outputs
  • Available for cellular, public safety and common radio bands
  • Provides a modular POI solution for outdoor small cell and DRAN deployments


Original Press Release:

Modular Signal Combiner for 5G Applications

ClearComm Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Patriot Technologies introduces The FORCETM, a Neutral Host Combiner for Wireless and Public Safety applications. This combiner allows multiple Wireless Carriers to be combined onto common outputs and provides a modular point of interface (POI) solution for outdoor small cell and DRAN deployments. It has been designed to allow up to 4 Network Operators in SISO configurations for 2 sectors and up to 4 Operator MIMO for a single sector requirement. The modular approach of the FORCE Combiner provides innovative flexibility for outdoor deployments which may require upgrade and reconfiguration as capacity and bandwidth requirements evolve over time.

As 5G continues to be deployed, modules may be added or exchanged in the FORCE Combiner. The modular approach has been optimized for low-loss in a standard NEMA style enclosure that is compatible with standard 19” Racks. It is passively cooled, so no external power or fans are required.

Typical applications would include high traffic environments like stadiums, bridges, tunnels and high rises. The FORCE combiner can be reconfigured in the field to allow additional carriers or frequency bands. Some of the Combiners features include:

  • Outdoor Rated Enclosure
  • Field Reconfigurable
  • Available for Cellular, Public Safety and Common Radio Bands
  • Combining Options for all Public Safety and Wireless Bands
  • 6x6 Matrix of Input / Output Combining Options

For further information of the FORCE Combiner, contact ClearComm Technologies at (410) 860-0500.

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