New SIGMA HD Pipe Crawler Comes with Two Faulhaber Motors

Press Release Summary:

  • Includes inclinometer to measure the slope angle, gyrometer to assess the pipe turn angles, and internal pressure sensor
  • Features ultra-bright LEDs, Tamron full HDTV camera with optical vibration compensation and rear-view full HD camera
  • Equipped with Telescan built-in software that allows to control and direct the operation and to capture and process photo and video files during the inspection

Original Press Release:

Pipe Crawler SIGMA HD: Advanced Options in Standard Package

Fiberscope.Net has launched the sales of a new advanced pipe crawler known as SIGMA HD. Compared to many other pipe crawlers, this one boasts the highest number of available options and add-ons. The crawler consists of several operational parts. The control unit is equipped with two extra bright monitors. The main monitor, onto which the inspection procedure is projected, has a full size 17.3’’ touch screen, while the control monitor with the touch screen menu measures 7’’. Telescan built-in software allows to control and direct the operation and to capture and process photo and video files during the inspection. The SIGMA HD software is capable of profiling and plotting the pipe and preparing reports.

The pipe crawler system is equipped with two powerful Faulhaber Swiss made motors. The robot is a steerable four-wheel drive unit with speed control and speed adjustment. For added durability the SIGMA HD is made of stainless steel. Some of the options, which greatly enhance the operation, include the following sensors: an inclinometer, which measures the slope angle, a gyrometer to assess the pipe turn angles, and an internal pressure sensor. Depending on the pipe diameter and type, different sets of wheels are available. Needless to say, the robot is fully waterproof (IP 68).

The SIGMA HD pipe crawler features ultra-bright LEDs, Tamron Full HDTV camera (made in Japan) with Optical Vibration Compensation and a 12x optical zoom, a rear-view Full HD camera, to name just a few main highlights.

The system sets into motion a heavy-duty and durable multicore Aramid reinforced cable with a stainless steel end. The working lengths of cables may vary from 200m (656’) to 250m (820') on a manual reel model (Sigma HD 150). On a SIGMA HD 200 model with a motorized reel the choice of available lengths starts from 250m (820’) and goes up to 600m (1,968').

The pipe crawler covers pipes of virtually every design and shape from 150 mm to 3500 mm (6” to 120”) in diameter. The SIGMA HD is a rare combination of impressive versatility and a wide spectrum of options with affordable price.

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