New Session Border Controller Includes Media Transcoding

Press Release Summary:

  • SBC configured as Net-Net SBC or Net-Net border gateway
  • Offers full regulatory compliance for fixed and wireless IP networks
  • Enables seamless audio calls, video calls and conferencing regardless of originating and terminating points

Original Press Release:

Ecosmob Announce Enterprise Grade Session Border Controller Solution

The changing landscape of VoIP communications necessitates evolution in session border controllers that form a crucial part of the network. Ecosmob’s enterprise grade session border controller is a feature-rich future-proof SBC solution.

Ecosmob, with 10 years and more as global VoIP tech leaders, announced availability of software based SBC solution for carriers, service providers and enterprises across the world. Announcing the launch the company’s VP said, “This SBC solution is quite comprehensive and factors in all the current trends in VoIP communications and takes care of existing roadblocks besides providing highest levels of security.”

The trend these days, he said, is towards fixed mobile convergence and IP multimedia subsystem. Ecosmob session border controller can be configured as Net-Net SBC or Net-Net Border gateway and these offer full regulatory compliance for fixed and wireless IP networks. The SBC is indispensable for carriers from a variety of perspectives such as NAT traversal, topology hiding and security threat prevention. Enterprises are transitioning entirely to VoIP based communications and will need a versatile session border controller that does more. Ecosmob’s latest SBC includes media transcoding and handles virtually all of the most widely used protocols. Communication becomes seamless with IMS and secure with encryption playing its role in supporting confidentiality. Complex technologies are integrated and implemented in our SBC solution with mastered ease since our teams have years of experience in custom SBC development. We keep track of evolutions on the technical side and the market side to come up with session border controllers that reinvent security and performance, claimed the VP.

While we are very focused on custom SBC offerings for carriers and service providers, we are now addressing enterprises that should have a session border controller at their edge of the network for security and performance.

Ecosmob custom SBC services can come up with solutions that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. It can be a scaled down offering to suit smaller enterprises with facility to enhance features as and when needed. It can be a large scale format for enterprises with more demanding requirements for scaling signal and media planes. It can be a scalable cloud based SBC offering best cost to performance ratios for telcos. Inclusion of SBC not only enhances security but enables seamless audio and video calls and conferencing regardless of originating and terminating points. Service providers can add to revenues and stay fully secured. They can, for instance, add WebRTC based services and so can enterprises with Ecosmob SBC. Ecosmob offers fully tailored solutions to suit end purposes of enterprises or carriers or service providers as the case may be.

Enterprises and service providers wishing to put in place the latest SBC customized to their needs may get in touch with Ecosmob on phone 91 79 40054019 or 1-303-997-3139 or engage in a live chat on

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