New Self Regenerating Filter System, SRFS

Drytech, a manufacturer and supplier of moisture management and environmental control devices, is pleased to announce the launch of its Self Regenerating Filter System, SRFS(TM), for drying high pressure air for pneumatic weapons ejection racks.

The purpose of the SRFS(TM) is to provide significantly longer filter life through self regeneration, extending the life of a desiccant filter by up to 10 times that of an existing molecular sieve desiccant. This new device is targeted at airborne pneumatic ejection racks, which are replacing the older pyrotechnic systems, and cryogenic cooling units. Specific targeted applications are SBD, MPBR, LAU7, and LAU 127, ejection racks and IR cooling systems.

The SRFS(TM) consists of a suspended binder-less zeolite compound which can be rapidly regenerated by heating and liberating entrapped moisture with minimal dry purge air. The device is integrated into a high pressure compressor system that operates at up 6500 psi and the filter provides dry air/gas at purity levels of < 2ppm moisture and CO2 to eliminate potential freeze ups at altitude.

The SRFS(TM) unit can be seen at the Drytech stand # 726 at the AFA Warfare Symposium February 18 and 19, 2010.

For further information, please contact Anika Jones, Business Development Manager, via email at or phone 609-758-1794.

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