New Screening Service for Substrates, Inhibitors and Other Ligands

Press Release Summary:

  • Can be accurately calibrated using the reference enzymes and substrates
  • Ensures identification of the substrates for an enzymatic reaction
  • Ideal for therapeutic development as well as food and chemical processing

Original Press Release:

Creative Enzymes Boosts Your Enzymology Research with Fully Customizable Screening Service

Creative Enzymes, a professional enzyme provider located in New York, USA, is always hammering away at research and trials to provide customers with as many enzyme services and products as possible. With the technical escalation of its enzyme platform, the company is proud to launch a fully-developed screening service of substrates, inhibitors, and other ligands.

The right substrate is critical for reliable detection in basic research and/or biopharmaceutical applications. Creative Enzymes provides professional substrate screening and identification services in order to identify the best substrate for an enzymatic reaction, then optimize your process and scale it up for industrial production. These services are often critical for product and process development, as well as identifying the target enzyme for an inhibitor, the natural biocatalyst for a reaction, or the most active enzyme acting on a substrate.

With a focus on enzymatic parameters possibly used to indicate the binding affinity or activity of a candidate, Creative Enzymes’shigh-throughput screening service for enzyme inhibitors and ligands fully supports therapeutic development as well as food and chemical processing. Moreover, extensive experience further reinforces the reliable analysis of enzyme activity, especially in inhibitor screening. Due to the specific requirements of inhibitor screening, the task is often more challenging than conventional protein assays. At Creative Enzymes, the screening process can be customized according to your specific needs and accurately calibrated using the reference enzymes and substrates.

Enzyme inhibitors compose a majority of drugs and drug candidates. Creative Enzymes offers professional services to facilitate the development of enzyme inhibitors using both structure-based and ligand-based approaches. Structure-based inhibitor designs often provide insight into the binding mechanism on a molecular level. Yet, getting started necessitates detailed structural biology data, which is frequently lost due to high costs and time constraints. Therefore, the ligand-based design is a reliable alternative in which the properties of the binding pocket are summarized based on known enzyme inhibitors. This approach can provide high success rates with limited information, thus accelerating the discovery and development process. With state-of-the-art experimental techniques and professional data analysis, the high quality and accuracy of the services are guaranteed.

“Creative Enzymes has always provided our clients with the most comprehensive and reliable enzyme screening services. With a passion for the highest quality and unique products, we will be your best partner in enzyme discovery and development,” stated Creative Enzymes’s executive vice president.

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Creative Enzymes leverages its expertise in enzyme manufacturing to provide high-quality, cost-effective enzymes, coenzymes, zymogens, substrates, and inhibitors to academic, commercial, and government laboratories worldwide. Creative Enzymes’ products are used in a variety of applications, from metabolism, immunology, cancer and infectious disease research to drug discovery, screening, development, and manufacturing.

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