New Scale Awarded Second U.S. Patent for Piezoelectric SQUIGGLE Motor Technology

Victor, NY - March 14, 2007 - New Scale Technologies, Inc. has received its second U.S. patent for its piezoelectric SQUIGGLE motors, the company announced today. The patent covers New Scale's latest design innovations that facilitate high-volume manufacturing and allow further miniaturization of this tiny ultrasonic device, which at 1.5 x 1.5 x 6 mm is the world's smallest linear motor.

The new patent also grants application claims for integration of the SQUIGGLE motor in an ultra-thin autofocus assembly for mobile phone cameras, and in a miniature syringe pump assembly for medical use. (See animated illustrations at The SQUIGGLE motor enables smaller size, higher precision and longer battery life in both applications. The patent also covers integration of the SQUIGGLE motor with a tangential limit stop, a technique to stop shaft rotation without thread locking.

Patent # 7,170,214 issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on January 30, 2007 to inventors David Henderson, New Scale's founder and co-CEO, and Dan Viggiano III, New Scale's chief operating officer. It is a continuation-in-part of Henderson's fundamental SQUIGGLE motor patent #6,940,209 issued in September 2005.

"This patent significantly strengthens our intellectual property portfolio and further validates the novel design of the SQUIGGLE motor," Henderson said. "It will accelerate our business development in numerous markets including mobile phone cameras, medical devices, electronic locks, intelligent fasteners, automotive components and cryogenic instruments."

The patented SQUIGGLE motor design consists of piezoelectric ceramics bonded to a threaded nut, with a mating screw inside. Applying electrical signals to the ceramics creates ultrasonic vibrations in the nut, causing the screw to rotate and translate with precise linear movement in a very small space. SQUIGGLE motors are smaller, more precise, less expensive and more efficient than conventional electromagnetic motors. With their unique design and materials, SQUIGGLE motors also operate reliably in extreme environments such as vacuum, cryogenic temperatures and high magnetic fields.

About New Scale Technologies

New Scale Technologies, Inc. ( makes miniature ceramic motors that enable our customers to create smaller products and research tools. Our piezoelectric SQUIGGLE® motors are smaller, more efficient and more precise than conventional motors. With very few parts and no gears, this patented piezoelectric motor design uses ultrasonic vibrations to create precise linear motion. New Scale's miniature motors are compatible with extreme environments including vacuum, cryogenic temperatures and high magnetic fields. They have applications in nanotechnology research, fluid control and microfluidics, microelectronics, optics and imaging, lasers, medical devices, electronic locks, intelligent fasteners, automotive components, aerospace and defense, cryogenic instruments and office/consumer products including mobile phone cameras.

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