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ERLANGER, KY - Romi Machine Tools, Ltd, long an industry leader in turning and machining center technology, introduces the Romicron® with Multiple Cutting Edges. This is the latest technological breakthrough fine boring system from Romicron. The Romicron® with Multiple Edges is a reliable ultra-precise boring system for finishing high-precision bores by adjusting two, three or five tips of the inserts tool in a completely unique, fast and thoroughly accurate fashion.

Romicron general features

The Romicron system permits adjustments of 1.0µ (0.000040") on the tool radius without removing the tool from the machine. The system is ideal for production applications that demand statistical process control with CpK of 1.33 or greater.

The Romicron's clearly marked graduated dial makes it easy to see each adjustment, and the definite stop at each graduation allows the operator to feel and hear the (click) adjustment. Further, there are no wrenches required for locking the tool, and adjustments are made without removing the tool from the machine. The Romicron KR coupling allows the Romicron through face-to-face contact and makes handling easy when assembling or disassembling to switch one Romicron head for another. The KR coupling enables the Romicron to run in another machine by changing appropriate adaptor. This translates to great versatility.

New Romicron® with Multiple Cutting Edges advantages

Multiple cutting edges allow for increased feed rates without the loss of surface finish quality, resulting in a significant reduction in cycle time.

This innovative boring tool may contain two, three or five indexable inserts, depending upon the application. The head can be set to perform semi-finishing and precision finishing in one pass, or you can have a solution just for an ultra high-precision finishing operation.

The patented Romicron mechanism allows for simultaneous adjustment of all inserts with the use of a clearly marked adjusting ring on the tool body. Besides this, inserts can be individually adjusted if necessary, being this feature mainly used in pre-setting operations.

Additional fixed cartridges can be added to the tool body incorporating operations, such as chamfering and counterboring. Finishing engine block cylinders is jut one application where the Romicron with Multiple Cutting Edges can save time, increase throughput and provide quick return on investment.


For more than 75 years and some 140,000 installations Romi's innovation, reliability, dependability and ease-of-use have set it apart - and ahead of - the competition. Romi's combination and CNC lathes, turning centers and vertical and horizontal machining centers are meticulously built at its nine-plant manufacturing complex in Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Brazil, and are sold and supported in more than 60 countries. From its North American Headquarters in Erlanger, Kentucky, Romi provides an unparalleled degree of training, service and support for all Romi machine tool products.

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