New Retrofit Assembly Kits Can Withstand an Intense 4-Minute Physical Attack After Being Shot with 7.62 mm NATO Ammunition

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ASSA ABLOY offers Retrofit Assembly Kits for wood or hollow metal doors, sidelight frames and windows. These attack resistant units consist of steel vision kit featuring School Guard Glass™ SG5. The kits are tested with number of rounds with 30 shots fired at the glass in door, 30 shots fired at glass in sidelight or window, and 30 shots fired into door and hardware.

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ASSA ABLOY Brands Introduce Attack Resistant Retrofit Kits for Existing School Doors and Windows

NEW HAVEN, Conn., Aug. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ASSA ABLOY hollow metal door brands Ceco Door and Curries have added the option of a retrofit assembly kit to their line of attack resistant product offerings. The retrofit kit makes this unique solution available for existing wood or hollow metal doors, sidelight frames and windows. The primary application for these products is in schools, although the benefits of this solution (see video) can be realized in any building an armed attacker may target.

The attack resistant retrofit kits are comprised of a steel vision framing kit along with School Guard Glass™ SG5 to replace an existing vision kit and glass in a wood or hollow metal door. For existing sidelight and window frames, ASSA ABLOY supplies the School Guard Glass™ complete with seals and other products required for proper installation. ASSA ABLOY partnered with School Guard Glass™ to provide products that will thwart an attack and keep the assailant from breaching the opening.

"We have seen a wave of school districts looking for ways to retrofit existing buildings to increase security in defending against school shootings," said Dan Glover, product manager, ASSA ABLOY Door Group. "Glass at doors and sidelights have been a weak point allowing access to attackers leading many schools to look at adding security films to their existing glass, but that simply doesn't compare to the product we are offering."

ASSA ABLOY's attack resistant products meet test standards for forced entry and ballistic resistant levels of protection for various threats set forth based on the FBI's Active Shooter Report (tested to 5-aa10 test standards). While the door or glass may not stop a bullet from penetrating the opening, the attack resistant door assembly can withstand an intense 4-minute physical attack after being shot with 7.62mm NATO ammunition (more powerful than an AK-47). The number of rounds fired during testing is dependent on the assembly, with 30 shots fired at the glass in door, 30 shots fired at glass in sidelight or window, and 30 shots fired into door and hardware, for a total of 90 rounds in a complete assembly prior to the physical attack with various hand tools.

The primary objective of this product is to delay an attacker's entry into a room long enough for occupants to seek safety and first responders to arrive, which reports have shown is on average four minutes. "Buying time for teachers and students to get to safety in the relatively short duration of an active assailant situation is a recognized lifesaving strategy," said Ron Baer, director of K-12 business development, ASSA ABLOY. "Parents and the communities served will appreciate this effective, efficient, proactive security upgrade."


ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience.

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