New Range of Forging Lubricant CONDAFORGE

• Graphite lubricants for hot and warm forging of steel

• Non ferrous forging lubricants

• Glass coatings for aeronautic forging of Titanium, Inconel etc…

• Graphite free lubricants for hot forging

CONDAT's forging lubricant line has been developed and formulated to improve surface finish, die life and reduce the total cost of lubrication.

The main force of CONDAT team is its customer's technical expertise and an individualized approach. CONDAT offers its customers products compliant with the latest European and International environmental regulations. Wherever and whenever possible, CONDAT undertakes its business in an environmentally responsible manner, providing innovative eco-friendly solutions, without compromising product quality or performance.

On IFC 2014 Congress in Berlin, CONDAT will introduce a global range of water based forging lubricant:

CONDAFORGE 625 / 625 RFU / 635

This range of graphited lubricants has been designed for forging of automotive and aerospace parts. They can be used for ferrous or nonferrous metals such as titanium, inconel, aluminium…

These water based lubricants have been developed thanks to the combination of specific formulation technology with adapted graphite grains size distribution (from fine to ultra-fine).

Condaforge 625, 625 RFU and 635 provided high performance and lubricity in various hot forging processes.

In addition, they are ammonium free, odourless for a safer and friendly working environment. A performing binder for high temperatures gives a uniform and homogenous coating even for high dilution ratio, thus resulting in significant reduction of lubricant consumption.

Condaforge 635, 625 can be easily diluted in water using common dosing system such as Condamix. Condaforge 625 RFU (Ready For Use) is the already diluted version of the product for crankshafts.

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