New R-Series Thermoformer Increases Machine Overall Speed and Capabilities by 15-20%

Press Release Summary:

  • Eliminates pooling with angled surface
  • Lift design optimized to increase production speeds
  • Long-lasting o-rings and gaskets that minimize down-time

Original Press Release:

VC999 Packaging Systems Inc. Now Taking Orders for The R-Series Thermoformer

March 31, 2022 – North Kansas City, MO – VC999 Packaging Systems Inc., a leading global manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines, is now taking orders for its newest machine, the R-series Thermoformer.

The new R-Series is built upon over 50 years of packaging industry knowledge. Born from one of our top-performing packaging machines, the RS Rollstock Machine, the new R-Series has a long pedigree of reliability. With the ability to customize each unit, this machine can meet both your current and future packaging needs. We built the R-Series to be the next-generation of packaging machines. The new R-Series design has numerous features that will enhance productivity while reducing labor and maintenance costs.

Notable Features:

Speed –

  • Lift design optimized to increase your production speeds.
  • Controls with faster processing speeds.
  • Valve placement increases machine reaction speeds.
  • Machine overall speed and capabilities are increased by 15-20% over previous generation of Rollstock machines


  • Routine maintenance is simple with access to all serviceable parts.
  • External access to chain tensioning for easy adjustments.
  • Long-lasting o-rings and gaskets that minimize down-time.
  • VC999 guaranteed 10-year parts availability.

Hygienic Design–

  • Angled surfaces eliminate pooling.
  • Standoffs in paneling for easy cleaning.
  • Washdown rated Igus bearings.
  • Chain guides with nylon standoffs.


  • The R-Series is CE, UL, & CSA certified meeting global standards for efficiency, cleanliness, health, and safety.
  • Optical and Magnetic sensors trigger automatic safety systems to prevent operators from reaching in during machine operation, maintenance, and cleaning, ensuring safety.

About VC999 Packaging Systems, Inc.

VC999 has been a leading global manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines for over 50 years. VC999 packaging machines are designed and constructed in both Herisau, Switzerland, and in North Kansas City, MO in the United States. The product range extends from small table-top vacuum machines to completely automated packaging lines including shrink-wrappers, dryers, tray sealers and thermoformers.

The name VC999® comes from our proud history of being the manufacturer to achieve a vacuum capacity of 99.9%. The VC999 name stands for quality and performance within the packaging industry. With global headquarters in Herisau, Switzerland, VC999 has offices in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Benelux, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, and the United States. VC999 has global representation in over 70 countries.

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